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Reviews for XvT-free 103

 VA John T. Clark
    rating: 3
 A mission of average quality. Though possibly a little too easy, once one learns to play it right.
 GN Smitrock
    rating: 3
 I thought this was a nice basic mission. I wanted to go with a 4 rating but what held me back was; the game play was the same on all 3 difficulty levels which is cool by me. I first tried on hard and it took me a couple times to figure out what stragety I had to use. So I destroyed the FRG and then all four incoming Corvettes. Then I thought that I'd only have to deal with the remaining starfighters that now had no Ship to return too. Suddenly I had another incoming wave of enemy fighters from hyperspace. It would have been cool to kill off the remaining fighters and the reward would be a completed mission. Destroyed Cap ship = no more fighters. :)
 MAJ CrazyR2
    rating: 2
 Usually, you see EH attacking Rebel outposts, and not the other way around. But still - why send two GUNs and three T/As against the Rebel strke force?