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Reviews for XvT-TC 36

 MAJ Aft Skylek
    rating: 5
 Alright, where to begin? I didn't think that this mission was as bad as everyone has made it out to be. The first 10 or so missions led up to a great climactic battle during the last 5 missions, of which I enjoyed. I feel Ender deserves some credic and will give him a 5 to help boost this battle's rating.
 HA Frodo March
    rating: 3
 I hate attacking ATRs....ATRS ARE EVIL! This battle was...long...odd...and odd...and long. And after having flown 17 missions you kinda feel like winning. I love Batman however, and how Ender's T/B almost managed to kill the ISD by himself in the last mission. Hehehe. Batman rules.
 CM TK-9780
    rating: 1
 rather a pick 'n Mix battle. Some good points - but most of the missions seemed thrown together without any though. A lot of the mission turn into the common - only You V lots of them. Could! make a good training mission if you're new to XvT.
 SL A.J "Tainer" Brown
    rating: 3
 It dragged on a bit - a bit too long. Apart from that the mission were made brilliantly.
 LC Choosh
    rating: 1
 I agree entirely with CrazyR2. I hated the take down a DREAD with one T/A battles. How dangerous can a pirate be to the TIE Corps if he leaves his Strike crusiers and DREAD's around with no fighter escort. I hated the last mission where two ISD's, VSD's, and INT's flee from a CRS, ISD and and INT, would a TIE corps commander do that? I did not like it.
    rating: 4
 I thoroughly enjoyed this battle. Besides being a neat idea, and a unique battle (by length), it had some easy missions, some hard missions... Overall, I would say it was fun. Not to mention the 18 missions towards Wing XIII's July mission spree, all bundled up in one quick install... :P
 HA Ender mBind
    rating: 5
 This is ASF History... as in factual wargame stuff - not some storyline that never happened, but based on strategic backgrounds - you know: the realism people wanted. Yes this means its not all easy or fit for sissies but if you're man or woman enough to be in the corps none of these missions will be very hard for you. [Note I wouldn't give it a 5 if the tac office hadn't started this trent of rating before a battle is released, but it's still above average imho]
 MAJ CrazyR2
    rating: 1
 The pain, the pain! Barely tolerable - contains such wonderful engagements as two squadrons (you) vs. wing of fighteres and ATRs, and T/A you + FRG against DREAD. Although, the dialogue with WAV packs is a little amusing. Oh, and did I mention the wait-for-ISD-to-get-into-range-of-enemy-STRKC-which-you-can't-do-anything-about-because-you're-in-a-shielded-T/B mission?