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Reviews for XvT-TC 20

 CM Shinobi
    rating: 1
 If you want thrilling fights, unexpected rebel attacks, or bonus goals... pick another battle. Each mission is COMPLETELY predictable. You have objective to destroy rebel squad. Don't expect there will be anything aside it.
 LCM Luca Fett
    rating: 1
 This batlle is way too easy. And though the first time you play some of the missions you can get in trouble for attacking certain ships, its easyly avoided if you refrain from firing on the rebel capital ships. The objectives are too simple, and it doesnt offer any depth at all. It could be reworked to be quite good.
 LC Curtis
    rating: 2
 Too easy to be enjoyable, however its well made and is easy FCHG points. Great for XvT newbies like me :)
 COL Woobee
    rating: 4
 At first I was disappointed with the fairly flat storyline and the very easy first two missions. However the rest of the battle was stimulating and an enjoyable challenge. If you manage to do mission 4 on hard you are doing better than I can. In the end I found it a fun battle, and worth playing.
 SL A.J "Tainer" Brown
    rating: 3
 I enjoyed this battle a lot, especially the last with all of the starships, If you fix up all the little bugs in the first couple of missions ie: enemies not attacking you, it would be a great little battle. Congrats to MAJ Angel on her first try at a battle.
 SL Kitten-claw
    rating: 1
 The battle needs to be refinement