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Reviews for XvT-TC 16

 LT Wolve Excelsior Berkana
    rating: 3
 Entertaining battle with a good story and really nice progression throughout the missions. It makes you feel like each mission has a meaning. Some are indeed longer missions and some are very short. It is a good balance and the missions provide enough variety that it is extremely entertaining, especially compared to some other battles.
 COL Genie
    rating: 3
 There are some typical mission issues like some fighters spawning from their mothership before the mothership had a chance to finish their hyperspace sequence, putting them 1k away while the later ways join in at 0.5k ;) That's a nitpick anyhow. Storywise it's ok. It's at least a nice coherent story from start to end and the mission play is not too bad.
 CPT Solohan50
    rating: 2
 I played on Easy. This series of missions doesn't know whether it wants to be short or long. Some missions end within a few minutes, some seem to drag on forever. Also, the missions are mostly the same with very few exceptions.
 COL Phalk Sturm
    rating: 3
 Not bad this one, but neither brilliant or particularly fun to fly. It's the over used concept of the underloaded GUN taking on more it can chew. The missions are a mixed bag of dogfighting, inspection and bombing. Fly it for points or if you are depleting the Compendium, like myself.
 CM andr3
    rating: 3
 Tough battle. Big battles with many capital ships and many fighters facing off. With seven very similar missions it is a bit repetitive though.
 CM Shinobi
    rating: 3
 Nice battle, but a little too hard. But maybe i'm week :(. However the mission with inspection wasn't good at all. MUTR escaped and I couln't finish the mission. There was no mission failed communicate.
 LCM CyberShadow
    rating: 3
 A decent battle, though defending your Command Ship and dogfighting are about all you do.
 LC Choosh
    rating: 1
 I didn't like it. there were too many enemy fighters. once the million fighters were gone my wingmen attacked me. and it'd be nice to do something other than defend the intrepid. And in the 6th mission I had to destroy the asteroid base and cruiser by myself because my wingmen all left.
 MAJ Erryc Lasitter
    rating: 4
 Excellent Battle. Only drawback was the lack of ability to choose other craft. Overall, very good battle!
 AD Adren Silvori
    rating: 4
 Cool stuff and its one of them Battles on easy everyone can play and and hard is a real challenge nice battle's very cool dogfights !
 CM Miackus
    rating: 4
 What Can I say an excellent Battle,nice work Tarkin :D
  Tomaas Banys
    rating: 3
 Not a bad plot itself. I liked the idea. Very interesting. What wasn't pleasant for me? Well, in most missions the player used the same equipment all the time. I know this is a squadron standard equipment - but a player might want to fly a T/B or a T/F, even though those craft aren't worth much, for a better challenge. Besides, the battle seemed a bit too... easy? Even on hard settings. There should be more challenge in at least the second part, imho. Nice 7 FCHG points, though.