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Reviews for XvT-TC 12

 LCM Shagen
    rating: 2
 Odin's Redemption wasn't a terrible battle, the story was ok and the missions were alright, however the story was told very weakly and the mission breifings were terrible. On a whole I would say that Odin's redemption has the potential to be a really fun battle but the designer did not put adequate effort into making it a truly great battle.
 LC Archon
    rating: 4
 Lacking in storyline, but the missions themselves are well designed, and that always makes it more enjoyable, storyline or not.
 LT Sori Marousus
    rating: 3
 the battles were great, but I prefer ones with a gripping storyline.
 FA Gelton Torr
    rating: 4
 It was a quite good battle, although the 4th mission could have been a little fairer
 LC Phoenix Man
    rating: 2
 I didn't really like it, cause the story line had been done, and didn't make a lot of sense. It was like seperate missions, not a series. And the Last Mission took almost 15 minutes.
 MAJ Johann Glorick
    rating: 3
 I liked the battle but the plot seemed a bit jumpy. I give it a 4 for gameplay, and a 2 for plot. Overall it is fun but not too challenging, when you use the right tactics.