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Reviews for XWA-TC 15

    rating: 3
 A so-so battle. I felt the terrible reviews were a little too harsh. There were some good ideas with the plot and mission objectives, but overall it ended up being unremarkable. It was a very fast battle at least.
 CM andr3
    rating: 4
 Very good quick battle with a good story idea. Your fellow flight group defects to the rebels. The rebel base they fled to needs to be destroyed as well as the pirates that supported them and the pilots need to be captured.
 CPT Solohan50
    rating: 2
 I played on Easy with cheats. Most everything I have to say pertains to items besides the mission design. The mission design was just so-so. It was interesting and weird to fly a Y-Wing here, but the missions are so-so. I'm also a kid at heart and seeing the names of the Pirate ships was kinda funny. Other than that, this battle was pretty unremarkable.
 COL Phalk Sturm
    rating: 4
 A good solid battle for the hardcore fans of the T/A. It's nothing out of the ordinary, the briefings are succint yet acceptable, and the story is simple. Go out there in your T/A and kill'em all. Nothing fancy, nothing challenging, just shooting and shooting. Not the best in the Compendium, but one that is worth flying.
 LCM Marek Ny`Irfa
    rating: 3
 It was an okay battle really. From technical or design persepctive there's nothing bad about it really. It sports four relatively short missions of tactical approach which I favor. The selection of craft to fly was interesting too. The TIE-Booster does seem like a cheaper replacement for a TIE-Advanced. It has the same speed, half its guns and terrible power management! It's also used in a mission where if you want to have a solid score you need to spend roughly 50+ minutes on, even if primary goals can be completed in just a few. I did not expect to fly an Y-Wing though, still not sure why we got one. But it's bearable to do so. The story is okay but like some previous comments state, it has an immature apprach with ship names and/or cargo. If it was treated tad more seriously it would certainly boost the rating from me! Still, it's not a bad battle to fly.
 AD Hav Antiel
    rating: 2
 This battle had several signs of an immature designer. "Captain Stupid" was the cargo of one craft (although that might have been a decoy), and like Lo Mar said in his review, the interesting premise was dropped after two missions.
 LCM Lo Mar
    rating: 3
 Started with an interesting premise, the hunt for and tracking down of a traitorous squadron. If they had stuck here it probably would've been a great narrative, but they easily got lost and went into other things and split focus. Mission design was only solidly ok too. I don't think it was bad, but it's not one I'd recommend beyond RtF or points either.
 LCM Beignet
    rating: 1
 I can't understand how the last mission could be possible without a beam weapon to give a little more speed to that crappy Y-W. And I hate to have to flee because 8 XWs are chasing me and no more allies to help
 CPT Serge Broskopf
    rating: 1
 I have to concede with most of the others who already posted a review. Mission 3 has the already mentioned bugs (Anyone planning on changing the GUNs' orders from 'attack targets' to 'disable targets' instead?), and although your IFF is supposed to be changed and you're flying a Y/W, the rebels simply attack you. There wasn't much to the story either. The reason why I gave it one point is, because I was able to play through the battle without XwA crashing.
 LC Azazel
    rating: 2
 There is bug on 3rd mision i think , the platform after diseble is being destroyed by your own crafts ..unable to complete
 HA Striker
    rating: 3
 Well, the (corrected) battle is quite ok I think... concerning mission 3, don't forget you can tell your wingmen to ignore a target by hitting Shift+I.
 MAJ Murkrow Defender
    rating: 1
 Grrrrrrr! This battle was so anoying!!! Why did I hate it you might ask? Well first of all I HATE the Y/W, your "allies" kill the mission critical craft, I hate teh Y/W, there is no way you should be stuck in a mission being shot at by gunships and a Golan battle stationin a TIE with no back up and only 2 misiles and oh yeah did I meantion I lothe teh Y/W! If we need to disable a ship give us a T/D! the IFF dosn't help you if you are shooting at them and in a T/D at least you can RUN! I was going 45k/h for god sakes! I hate reble fighters!
 LT Maxwell von Opel
    rating: 0
 This battle was horrible. it was very buggy. For example the recon mission.... in the mission where you are supposed to disable the tau squadron, the damn AI kills them instead...
 COL RogueWing
    rating: 3
 Well, it was the very FIRST battle I made, so it isn't as good as some of my later ones. Other than the one bug, it is OK. I give it a 3 just because you get to pilot a wide variety of craft in it.
 MAJ Blair Vallyn
    rating: 1
 Excellent first mission. Mission 3 was HORRIBLE. Yes, I love to fly Y-wings. Especially when there are superior fighters all over the place. I also love it when craft that are supposed to be disabled are killed by the impudence of the AI I am flying with. Greeeeeeaaaaaaaat mission.
 LC Gen Es'mith
    rating: 3
 Pretty Good battle, I had the same problem with the M/FRG being destroyed, so I ran through the Rebel sector first.