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Reviews for XWA-TC 14

 CM andr3
    rating: 5
 Very good battle with lots of back story taking you back from before A New Hope until after Return of the Jedi. The five missions go by fast. Actually, it has the potential of being extended with additional battles.
 CPT Solohan50
    rating: 2
 I played on Easy with cheats. I feel like I should like this battle more than I did, but I'm not sure why. The plotline is solid enough, but the missions all feel very similar and you have to fly unshielded TIEs more than once and you almost never have any missiles in these missions. When you have to kill capital ships, that's pretty brutal.
 COL Phalk Sturm
    rating: 3
 This battle has an excellent plotline. Brilliantly developed and the texts in the briefings both pre and post mission, are thoroughly curated. The story as I said before, is a mix of canon and non-canon. It didn't bother me at all, it seemed like an excellent story of the Endor's defeat. Now to the flying, you will have to endure sitting in those unshielded space coffins throughout the campaign. No shields, player, no shields at all. And the worst thing of it all is the last mission. T/Bs are scrambled to sink an ESC and instead they go dogfighting A-Ws and X-Ws?!. Huge flaw, and it worsens when a SSD comes to aid and just stands there, completely idle, meaning that you, in your tiny mosquito interceptor, only on lasers and absolutely no warheads, have to bring down a list of capships: an A/FRG, a ESC and a sneaky M/CRV that may eventually jump to hyper space and leave you biting the joystick, and wondering if you can afford to throw a good hour of your life in the garbage.
 LCM Marek Ny`Irfa
    rating: 4
 I found this battle very enjoyable. It's quite a ride down the memory lane both when it comes to Immortal's history as well as flying unshielded oldies. Regarding comment that it's mixing canon and non-canon story, we have to remember that every Lucas Arts game is now considered non-canon as well. It's just a compromise of making our own story I guess. Nevertheless, the missions are quite challenging and I quite much loved them.There is one small issue in the last mission that is already reported in as a bug. The TIE-Bombers are ingoring the Escort Carrier. I thought the SSD would shoot it down as it arrives relatively close but it was not the case either. Eventually I had to take it down myself. Still a battle worth of flying!
 AD Hav Antiel
    rating: 3
 I don't like it when mission creators insert classic Star Wars ships, characters, and events into their custom missions. For me, that puts their choices up against everything I know about the canon. For example, T/Is weren't flying around before Vader captured the Tantive IV, and there weren't shielded T/Is at that time. The missions themselves were OK (although I wonder why they sent T/Is to take out cap ships), but the inclusion of classic SW ships nearly ruined it for me.
 LCM Lo Mar
    rating: 4
 I really enjoyed the story for this battle. It was a nice attempt, and I really enjoyed the little novelizations in each of the debriefs. There are some things in the story that are stretchy and implausible, but overall I found it a good story well executed. Mission design was pretty basic, but it didn't take away at all from the experience.
 COL Genie
    rating: 5
 It's a nicely woven story, that sits side by side with the events that unfold in the Star Wars movies. Briefing and debriefing were good. It's more of a 4.5 than a 5, but it's one of the few positive experiences I ever had flying a custom mission in XWA. For starters, I never felt lost in it. Secondly, it was an excellent experience flying the T/F, T/I and T/B for a change, while feeling the true power of the Empire during the missions. Overwhelming power. This battle has not invented anything. What it did do though, is take all the basics and do them right. No over-indulging. There was one nitpick, in the last mission, the ESC (forgot its name), for some reason, I had to gun down myself solo. None of the fighters engaged it and even the SSD that arrived to "assist" did not fire a single shot at it (not sure why, would have to check the mission in an editor).
 LCM Beignet
    rating: 3
 Although it was interesting to follow the story, I must say that fighting such capships while the SSD is here idling is really UNrealistic. Fortunately I found a quite stupid way to make the ssd fire at ESC and CRV : draw the XWs he targets around the capships :p. Anyway I liked piloting with old fighters, very refreshing compared to T/Ds
 MAJ Gustan
    rating: 1
 You know whats not fun? Takin out an ESC and a M/CRV by yourself while your superstar destroyer hovers above you doing nothing. Stuff liek this ruined this battle, no matter how 'realistic' the plot was
 CM Renoshi Bespin
    rating: 2
 Although an enjoyable battle to fly (at certain points), I was most unhappy with the second mission. The ISD Devestator did not have the aid of another ISD and a Interdictor when chasing the Tanitve IV. The Tantive IV would not need an Interdictor to pull it out of hypersapce because Princess Leia wanted to pick up Obi-wan, so she had to stop over Tatooine, nor would the Devestator need to have an Interdictor keep the Tantive IV from jumping into hyperspace because Tatooine's own gravity shadow would prevent such a jump. I find the lack of continuity disturbing.
 CM Conjre
    rating: 5
 I don't give 5's lightly. This battle was one of the best I have ever seen. I like it's realism to ROTJ. I hope that these creators create some other history battles like for the SSD avenger or the soverign.
 CPT Serge Broskopf
    rating: 3
 Well, this battle was good, apart from the fact that it often places the player solo against a cap ship (or more in the last mission). A problem in mission 3 has been mentioned before: the Immortal shoots below the A/FRG. This is nasty as I had several occasions where the A/FRG single-handedly destroyed the Immortal. Maybe having the Immortal target a different component of the A/FRG would help. A few touches here and there and some balancing would definately help.
 LT Alexius Arrakis
    rating: 5
 Wonderful! I loved this battle. Good work, RW!
 HA Striker
    rating: 4
 Yay ! really nice battle ! insanely hard sometime, but fun...
 COL A. C. Badlands
    rating: 4
 Very nice battle, the good old fighters were a welcome sight and the debriefing were actually something worth reading. Only thing I didn't like was that certain parts were if not, almost immpossibly hard on a higher level setting with your wingmen being obliterated in their unshielded craft. Anyway I still enjoyed it immensly.
 AD Adren Silvori
    rating: 4
 Totaly cool mission that was very fun to play Would be nice for a history of the imortal series me thinks as this is a must play battle for Star wars fans Well done do some more :)
 MAJ Murkrow Defender
    rating: 4
 This battle was great! The history leson was good and the debrefings and missions were realy intersting. I only gave this a 4 because the last 2 or 3 missions were completly insane! Putting an unshielded fighter against an A/FRG is unfair! And for some reason I couldn't destroy any components on enemy cap ships ie. Shield Gens. and turbo lasers, So I had to come up from behind and blow out the engines till the ships were destroyed or let the Imortal try to take them on!
 COL Shadow
    rating: 5
 very nice mission! the "debriefings" were also great.
 COL RogueWing
    rating: 4
 Whoever made this battles needs his head examined! Why would you put a pilot in an unshielded craft!? Because it is a lot of fun. A lot of research went into this mission to make it historically accurate, and the debriefings worked well. It is not easy, but it is definitely worth it.
 LC Dengar March
    rating: 4
 A good battle! I forgot how hard it is to be in a unsheilded craft in XWA... The only reason I didn't give it 5 is because in the mission where a rebel A/FRG hypers in, the ISD targets below the actual ship. This isn't a problem with the mission, just XWA itself, but it makes it very difficult to take out a A/FRG in a unsheilded T/I.
 CT Darksaber
    rating: 4
 Great historical Reconstruction of ISD Immortal Story. A bit hard sometimes because you fly old crafts
 MAJ Blair Vallyn
    rating: 2
 How about making a battle everyone can play, not just the elite
 MAJ Calvin Senzin
    rating: 3
 Yeah, this was pretty challenging, but unfortunately it often forces the player to solo enemy capships -- not at all a good thing in XWA. In two missions an A/FRG tears up the Immortal (?) and in the last mission the SSD seemed to do jack diddly against the remaining enemy capships (!). Adjust/rebalance those parts and I'll give it a 4.
 VA Toran Dan
    rating: 2
 Exciting Battle but a lot too hard so only 2 points.
 COL Josh Popelka
    rating: 3
 This battle has a great story. The briefings and debriefings were excellent. Unfortunately, mission 3 ruined it for me. Being penalized for losing your wingmen, having any capital ship or station kills stolen by the Immortal, intelligence of the Immortal and A/FRG J'Ther is way out of balance. The J'Ther's Ace AI let's it waste everything, while the Immortal with Officer AI can't hit the broadside of a barn. Much weeping and gnashing of teeth on account of that.