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Reviews for TIE-TC 52

    rating: 4
 This was a fun one. Nice plot, good mix of enemy ships, and good variety of mission types. Fun dogfights and fun cap ship assaults. Missions were reasonable length and entire battle took probably 30 min or so.
 LT Wolve Excelsior Berkana
    rating: 4
 What is not to like about this one? Lots of capital ships to blow up. On top of that it can be done extremely quickly in case you are farming RTF points. That's exactly what this is good for. Who doesn't like to make big ships go boom?
 VA Phoenix Berkana
    rating: 4
 A reasonable battle, it's well laid out and execution is good in most places. A few problems in missions 3 with enemy craft spawning a good 30 klicks away from the battle area which makes for some very long wait times in places. Other than that it's a entertaining battle!
 CM JetMech
    rating: 2
 Solid mission, with alright briefings. The only issue I ran into was in mission 3, all of the enemy fighters were spawning 40+ km out from your starting point.
 LCM Lo Mar
    rating: 3
 A pretty straight forward premise of taking down a Rebel task force. The missions had a good sequencing, and progress across the battle feels realistic. However, some of the missions themselves are setup to be pretty basic. Also not sure that we need that training mission in M1.
 LC Rando
    rating: 3
 A mixed battle. The primary objectives are usually pretty easy, but there's some challenge to be found in the bonuses. Getting a good score can take some planning, and will require an investment of time. Unfortunately some of the scoring can be tedious and boring, as a few missions feature capital ships which serve no gameplay purpose besides wasting time for points. Some missions are reasonably well made, if a bit strangely designed. Others are nonsensical or contain careless bugs. I found the plot to be nonsensical too, the briefings are thin and don't offer anything of interest. The battle drags on, and probably would've been better if it were condensed and had a mission (or two) removed. The later half of the battle is more about bombing than dogfighting, including the final mission which featured a significant difficulty spike from an unusual situation. Overall with some refinement it could've been better. Maybe it would be more fun playing normally instead of gunning for points.
 SL Corran Horn
    rating: 0
 Capital ships with starfighter attack orders. Why??? Sorry but it just really irritates me :P
 LT Edward De'Galeon
    rating: 4
 It was a pretty good battle with an interesting plot and some pretty well crafted missions. However, that “bug” in the last mission almost ruins it. It is rather frustrating to have to kill things so quickly because they’ll just run into the Interdictor. If it’s a bug, it deserves to lose score for that and if it’s intentional the battle deserves to lose more. Still, it’s a fun battle and I do recommend it. Just watch out for those capital ships ramming the Interdictor. I give it a 3.70 (rounded up to a 4 for purposes of the EH review scale.)
 LCM Mulder
    rating: 3
 The missions were long, easy, and rather boring. Starships have starfighter orders. In a couple missions (mission 2 in particular), your wingmen just up and leave when you need them the most. Not a horrible battle, but not great either.
 CPT Kaji Ryoji
    rating: 4
 Being the first battle I created (Lews was the one who helped me with suggestions, and i don't know why my name (originally listed as Mike many time ago vanished), it was pretty easy actually. I whipped it up rather quickly, but I thought it came out pretty good. Most people tend to play this battle on normal mode, but I forget on which mission(s), there is probably an added flightgroup for hard mode.
 LC Ace Pilot
    rating: 4
 This is a great battle for new pilots. It was the first battle I completed.