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Reviews for TIE-free 134

 CM Andrelious J. Inahj
    rating: 1
 Not as good as others are saying. Basic plotline error (why the hell is a Challenge squadron defending the Immortal?), and the Frigates continue firing at the Imm even if it becomes disabled.
 LT Edward De'Galeon
    rating: 5
 This is a fun mission with good briefings, a well flushed out plot for a free mission, and lots of killing, should you let the star fighters actually make it out. Other than the fact that if you nuke that first capital ship really quickly you can finish the mission quickly, this is a great mission. Play it if you are looking for a fun free mission to get in. I give it a Score: 4.80 (rounded up to a 5 for purposes of the EH review scale.)
 COL Absolut Vodka
    rating: 3
 Even though I created the mission, I have found that the AD Striker made corrections to it and added ships that weren't supposed to be there. Thus making the mission totally different. I suppose that when we submit stuff, its okay for the TAC Office to just add and remove stuff without the author's consent? I still enjoyed it somewhat, but wasn't fun since I know how the mission was supposed to be.
 LT Razor
    rating: 5
 the only gripe i have is not being able to tell the other pilots flying around to ignore a target so i can leave it for killing later.... overall it is difficult enough without becoming impossible....
 VA Wlodek
    rating: 3
 Mission is ok, but is lacking of something extra for example mines, asteroids, planets, probes, navbouys, satelites. Those are just add-ons to the mission but are missing here...
    rating: 5
 Good misson with the odds in favor of the Rebels!