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Reviews for XWA-TC 9

    rating: 3
 I would have liked this one if not for the bug in mission 2. After a few attempts, I was very glad someone detailed how to bypass the bug in "bug reports". Otherwise, it was simple but fun. Straightforward but reasonable plot, and fun missions though without substantial originality.
 CM andr3
    rating: 2
 This is a boring battle. Not much happening. Flying that ship is essentially very similar to the gunboat. There are much more interesting battles. So nothing to see. Move on and play something else.
 CM TheBlackxRanger
    rating: 4
 this was a fairly standard battle, defend some atrs, shoot down and defend from starfighters. all leading up to destroying a fleet and the enemies flagship, no issues flying this one. AI helps out big
 CPT Solohan50
    rating: 2
 I played on Easy with cheats. While I don't think this was the worst battle ever, it does have some glaring issues. First off, the ATR bug in Mission 2 meant that I had to fly a very simple mission about 5 times before I could win, because the ATRs kept blowing up mission objectives. Also, the final 2 battles are basically carbon copies of each other. Other than that, this was acceptable.
 COL Phalk Sturm
    rating: 3
 This battle is not very original. The idea seemed promising but flying the Toscan is a nightmare. Besides, after the last mission you just have a good you killed 'em all message, like if the creator had ran out of ideas, time or left the boiler on. Somehow a bit disappointing. A regular battle and short to fly, only if you want to suffer and ache inside the Toscan Turtle.
 AD Hav Antiel
    rating: 4
 This was a solid battle. No major issues with playthrough. The first mission was the most complex with some waiting around and protecting friendly cap ships. The rest was a bit of jump-in-and-destroy-everything, with the exception of the challenge of keeping the ATRs from destroying the T/As and T/Is in Mission 2.
 LCM Marek Ny`Irfa
    rating: 4
 That's a fairly well made battle! I tend to agree with previous comments that the story seemst to end a little abruptly. Perhaps a cliffhanger to be continued on another battle. Technically this battle is made in really decent fashion. The major issue I've had with this is that it is possible to nuke down both cruisers in mission four, especially if you make use of your juicy ions and stop them from escaping. After that you can take all the time in the world. This is bad for plot as the CRS does appear in the final mission again. The last two missions were pretty much the same too. Anyhow it was a fun one to fly and a solid 4 in my opinion!
 LCM Lo Mar
    rating: 2
 Not a big fan. The missions were simple and clear enough, and I appreciated that things were reasonably fast with little waiting. I just had major issues with the story. The first two missions started off very promising, and then the story basically stops and you do random free missions. It's too bad, because there was potential. But as is? Pretty disappointing.
 HA Elwood the Brave
    rating: 3
 Well, the storyline was .... thin to say the least. The missions themself were well made and really challenging. If you try to get them finished on hard, be prepared to throw your PC out of the window pretty soon. All in all the battle was fun to fly. That's why I'd give it a 3.5 rounded down to 3.
 LT Death Squire
    rating: 2
 With a good storyline and countermeasures, this could have been a great battle. But, it was a little disheartening getting continuously blown up in the slowest fighter ever, by missiles that I could barely counter. Other than that, the battles were pretty nicely made. The other bad part was the storyline. Ouch. I couldn't follow anything that happened. This probably would have been better as 5 free missions instead of a battle, because the missions are completely unrelated.
 MAJ Picard
    rating: 3
 Its a good battle but the storyline can be better.
 LC Brin Chaser
    rating: 5
 Wow. This is THE most challenging mission set I have ever flown. If anyone in this organisation can complete every one of these missions on hard, they deserve a bigger medal :) Excellent missions, but not having countermeasures on a recon craft (like you said the Toscan was) is nuts.
 CM Michal Herok
    rating: 1
 If I would be perfectlly honest, the third mission sucks :/
 CPT Alexi Stukov
    rating: 2
 Mediocore. The mission leaves you hanging and by the last mission, I'de forgotten who Kusangi was. And it boggles the mind why he/she (can't remember) would dump (let's call Kusangi "it") it's entire complement of TIEs. Then, you got to fly in the worst craft in the SW universe and constantly dodge missiles while flying pointless missions. And worst of all, IT'S THE RELENTLESS! AGH! It's the single most over used Star Destroyer in the EH!
 MAJ Erryc Lasitter
    rating: 4
 Pretty good battle. Storyline had great ideas, but needed to be developed a little more. Lots of shoot-em-up segments, and that's always a plus! GOOD use of the Toscan Fighter! Looking forward to a follow up!
 HA Striker
    rating: 3
 Well, outside of the TO Comp, the battle itself is rather standard....
 COL Shadow
    rating: 3
 nice Battle! (original not?)
 LCM Emon
    rating: 3
 Flying in Toscan Fighters was a nice change of pace, but it got a little old after a while. Overall, though, this was a very good mission.
 GN Sasquatch
    rating: 1
 The storyline seems to "drift away" after mission one ... it's hard to explain. But a healthy dose of storyline MIGHT have helped me to figure out just what the heck I was doing in a stupid Toscan Fighter during missions 2 and 3. Does the Training Office often stick new cadets into a Toscan Fighter and laugh as they are destroyed? I can see the conversation now : "Yeah, I've got a great idea. We're gonna stick these cadets into the bulkiest, slowest fighter we can possible find. Then we're going to refuse to give them countermeasures, so we can sit back and laugh as every stupid missile within 20 clicks homes in and blows them away." Yeah. It sounds really entertaining until YOU are the poor sap in the Toscan fighter, wondering WHY the Empire refused to give you countermeasures today. If this sounds appealing to you, then by all means, play this battle.
 LC Archon
    rating: 3
 A few bugs, but the main problem is the stupid Toscan fighter! The T/Ds at the end almost make up for it, but missions 2 and 3.... Any craft where you have to manually change your laser convergence distance has got to be some POS that is embarrassing to fly.
 COL Dras Hempor
    rating: 5
 Hehe , I made the last 2 missions easier as a reward for flying the icky Toscans so much >=P
 LT Kweeky
    rating: 5
 Yay Relentless!
 LCM Ranger
    rating: 3
 Well , good storyline but I would prefer to grill those traitor , hehe . Anyways good battle , good storyline and the only thing is some missions are a bit too easy to beat .
 CPT Kou Taiki
    rating: 3
 I *hate* Toscan Fighters. or anything that resembles or is a rebel craft, for that matter. =p
 COL Adrenaline
    rating: 5
 New XWA battles are always fun, but this one Rules! I recommend that all XWA enthusiasts give this one a fly.
 COL Ricaud
    rating: 5
 Well-structured, well-plotted, well-paced, well-designed battle. Infact, just about everything else prefixed by "well-". Apart from "well-crap" that is. Because it isn't. And because that wouldn't be proper English. No, it just wouldn't. What was I saying again? Oh yes, play this battle. Play it, and love it.