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Reviews for BoP-free 4

 CPT Xye
    rating: 3
 You're out on patrol and the New Republic attacks. I don't want to be cynical and say 'how original' because I actually enjoy these types of missions - throw in some dogfighting, get rid of some cap ships, maybe a cruiser or two - but at least put in something to make it stand out. Technically you're defending a station and maybe because I played it on easy that made it not really in danger. It's not terrible though, worth playing for the points.
 LT Wolve Excelsior Berkana
    rating: 3
 This one has you and a large party destroy a bunch of Rebel forces. The scum shows up in a serious fighting package so be ready to take on some capital ships as well as a group of fighters. It was fairly easy in the end with the number of wingmen out there but it was still a fun mission.
 CPT Solohan50
    rating: 3
 I played on Easy. This was a quick and simple mission. There's not a whole lot to say here, frankly. The mission goes by pretty quickly as you kill some ships. Not much is really needed from you as a pilot.
 COL Phalk Sturm
    rating: 4
 Nice, straightforward and entertaining mission with lots of action and great flexibility about how player can approach it. It can be simple, as to complete the primary goals or stretch beyond for bonuses. Very well done and worth a try.
 LC Rando
    rating: 3
 Some good fun combat here, but it's a flawed mission that could've used a lot more polish. It's successful at creating a large scale battle without throwing too many ships into the scene at once. Unfortunately the attacks are kind of disjointed and senseless, and ultimately don't amount to anything. Capital ships are parked in space, not really doing much until destroyed or triggered to flee. Meanwhile enemy defensive corvettes will attack pretty much anything in sight, including their own ships. Collisions and starship clipping are also somewhat common to see, especially if you replay it multiple times to full completion. Scoring can be a real challenge, mostly because of the chaotic and somewhat unpredictable nature of the battle. It usually never plays the same way twice. On the plus side, it's not very difficult to finish, as enemy fighters are the bulk of your targets. Opting for heavier warheads can make the capital ships easier. The flaws can be annoying if you're trying for a good score, but otherwise don't impact combat much, they're mostly just unsightly. Overall there's a nice concept here, it's more interesting than typical "defend the base" missions.
 CPT Witcher
    rating: 4
 If a rusty old pilot like me manages to complete this mission on hard difficulty on his first attempt after years (!) of not playing BoP... then it's a lot too easy to win. Getting a reasonable score, though, is a completely different story ("reasonable" == over 40-50k). You might end up re-flying the mission a few times to get things right, as you have to be quick to score at least some capital ships before all friendly starfighters are shot down. The plot is easy and simple, but good for a relaxing flight like this. As someone else put it, it's a good warmup mission before taking on something more challenging.
 CPT SkyShadow
    rating: 5
 I really enjoyed this mission. The plot is straight forward enough, you are to fly protection for an Imperial station. The mission, even flown on hard, is easy enough to complete. But in terms of flying for a competition, very difficult to score well. This lead me to fly this mission over and over again. The briefing and plot text are well written and the quality of the mission is of a good standard. There seems to be little difference between difficulty levels other than the usual craft AI skill. The mission does seem to come in two halves triggered by the destruction of the M/CRV. All in all, well worth a fly.
 COL Genie
    rating: 3
 This is a rather relaxed mission. Even on hard you have to either be careless to die or really push it when trying to kill some of the bigger ships. There is a nice sense of epicness by having several rebel cap ships hyperspace in, as well as a friendly SSD. XvT as a game is good in achieving that. This mission is a good, quick skirmish. The platform was never in any real danger. I didn't let the fighters get much firing in, but when the game was finished it was still at 50% shield strength and hadn't even tried hard enough. This was on hard difficulty on my first ever attempt. I recommend this mission for people looking to "warm up", as it doesn't instantly kill you and the urgency of killing everyone is on cruise mode (i.e. you don't need to be particularly fast). Update: after flying it a few times for the purpose of achieving a high score, it becomes a bit more interesting, albeit frustrating. One of the cruisers will depart early if the SSD hyperspace out. The SSD will hyperspace if the friendly fighters belonging to it die. So that is both frustrating and a challenge. You have to be fast to achieve a high score, which is the saving grace for this mission. There are some issues with the modified corvettes both the friendly and the enemies. Sometimes crashing into each other and often the enemy CRVs attacks the calamari cruiser
 LT Mirei Seppen
    rating: 4
 Mission: Balance of Power Free 4 | Reporting: LCM Mirei Seppen | Vessel: TIE/Adv | Personal Tally: M/CRV x1, R-41 x1, T-Wing x1 | Debriefing: We were sent to stop an invasion force that was attempting to take out a space station in preparation for a invasion of planet Lears. We were able to stop them but with considerable effort. | OOC: First, I am not sure if Lears is the home planet for our Dark Brotherhood. I don't remember it from my Directorate days. That aside I wish to say the mission was a bit white knuckled and rough at times but there was adequate loadouts and did not feel impossible in the least. I saw a wide variety of vessels and other then as before stated Balance of Powers habit of not giving proper credit to kills, I cannot say anything bad about this mission in the least. Also this is a Dark Brotherhood Free Mission.
 LC Linkan
    rating: 4
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