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Reviews for TIE-TC 160

 LC Curtis
    rating: 2
 seemed bug free, but was just kill kill kill. nothing great but if your flying for FCHG then this is good.
 CPT Kaneda Pellail
    rating: 1
 The only entertainment value of this battle comes from the plot. Everything else (including missile boats with intent to kill you) come in 4 groups of 6 fighters. Iffs and vulnerability change from mission to mission so you have to pay really close attention to what you can and can't get points for and what can smoke you. Also, elements (such as the civilian presence) seem to appear and disappear for no apparent reason leaving the missions somewhat disconnected from each other and the plot as told by the briefing officer and the secret order officer. I had over 340 kills in this battle and when most of 'em are a-wings, T/Ds and MIS's, you know you're in for a LONG battle.
 CPT Rover
    rating: 0
 Kill lots of stuff. Again. And again. And then some more. Uncreative, boring and BUGGY.
 MAJ Calvin Senzin
    rating: 2
 Okay if you want to blow through it, but a very real displeasure for a competition.
 CM Edvard
    rating: 1
 An annoying battle - repetitive, poorly 'story-ified' and shoddily designed.
    rating: 4
 This battle was hella cool! I loved every second of it. Troutrooper is a genius at TIE mission creation. (Was that good enough TT? Think they all bought that?)
 GN Wil Striker
    rating: 4
 This battle was way OTT. Sheer lunacy. But I did find it a bit overwhelming with so many A-Wings jumping your flight group. Great job though!
 FA Mark Schueler
    rating: 4
 Well,it was Good. But it loses a mark on not having T/D Oops as IFF 5. Oops!
 HA Ari
    rating: 4
 It was an interesting battle...mission 5 was a bit hard though...Wingmen die too fast and Awings gang up too much.
 LC Brandon
    rating: 1
 Ok, I got 487 kills on this battle!!. Seems a little OTT to me...no wonder it's called the Insanity battle, it's crazy...I don't fancy taking on that many ships in every campaign I fly :P
 AD Troutrooper
    rating: 5
 Hope everyone enjoys flying this!! I know I had fun making it!!
    rating: 5
 Great Battle! I liked the part when you had to disable a T/D in a Gunboat!