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Reviews for XWA-TC 8

 CM SkyShadow
    rating: 4
 A generous six mission battle with a decent story line and well written mission briefings and debriefings. For me, there was a large divide between easy and the medium and hard difficulties and in the end played the majority of the campaign on easy. An enjoyable fly in the end though does get somewhat “grindy” with large amounts of the same enemy to fly against.
 GN Pickled Yoda
    rating: 4
 Well I am thoroughly sick of Toscan Fighters after flying that, but this battle felt like it had an epic scale and was satisfying to fly. Definitely one of the better early XWA battles and worth the time it takes to complete.
 LCM Solohan50
    rating: 3
 I played this on Easy. On Easy, the missions barely require you to have a pulse and the endless swarms of your allies will kill most everything by themselves. I don't follow the storylines much, so these missions all felt very similar. You just destroy a handful of Toscan fighters, maybe blow up a small capital ship or two, and enter hyperspace way too many times.
 MAJ Genie
    rating: 3
 The storyline, although it feels borrowed from Wing Commander, is excellent. Debriefing also did a great job of furthering the story along. The briefing was mediocre and more importantly, most of the missions were horrible. Mission 3 is the perfect example of how not to do XWA missions. There were four jumps for no reason other than to make region jumps. The first two are instantly being taken care of by the friendly forces even though you re supposed to be alone on a recon flight and in the third region, your fleet abandons you to fight off everything that remains alone, because apparently they left the oven on. Very bad design decisions.
 LCM Coldsnacks
    rating: 4
 A fun battle. The plot is pretty much on par with some of the Expanded Universe stuff (even now, but definitely shades of Yuuzhan Vong, I think). TIE Defender vs hordes of Toscan Fighters got a little same-y by the end (especially the last battle when they launch ~20 at once!) - definitely felt like the object was just to squash whatever enemy was trying to blow up the ISD over and over. Overall, worth the time.
 COL NiksaVel
    rating: 4
 The battle has an interesting story with a well developed missions. Personally found it a bit hard on hard settings, but I think overall a well balanced battle. Endless waves were a bit repetitive indeed.
 CPT Aardvark
    rating: 5
 Very well done battle. I liked the story and well developed briefings. The story started with a mystery, built conflict and tension and came to a resolution but left things open for more stories. The missions were well done also. I found no bugs or glitches and the difficulty was just about right (played on hard) though endless waves of fighters got repetitive at times. Well done!
 LC Phalk Sturm
    rating: 5
 Excellent battle. Fast and engaging but not crazy impossible. Flying a T/D is always my pleasure and butchering the rugged Toscans is always delightful. The plotline was immersive enough and leaves a cliff-hanger worth of following in the future. Perfect battle.
 AD Hav Antiel
    rating: 4
 This battle was very straightforward and simple. On the last two missions, I was able to step away for a moment and the friendly craft completed the missions for me. Granted, I'm flying with invulnerability on and easy for quick FCHG points, but it's nice that the friendly craft were assigned orders that can complete the missions.
 LCM Marek Ny`Irfa
    rating: 3
 This battle is nothing too fancy. It has somewhat interesting plot that could be fleshed out far more, as the previous comments state. Technically the missions it features are designed in a really nice and proper way. They are quite well balanced although chasing hordes of Toscans throughout the whole battle gets a bit dull. I agree the missions offer way too many bonus points for something that happens in the battle anyway or is part of the primary goal. It looked as if that was the way to see the Kalimdor's Crescent with its upgrades. :) Nevertheless, this one is okay to fly.
 CM Wodi Untok
    rating: 4
 Pretty fun mission, enjoyed some battles more than others, had a good time with some of different setups and how it came together. Story was just OK, seemed pasted on and didn't make a ton of sense.
 COL Stryker
    rating: 3
 This battle was...uninspiring story wise; I found I didn't relate to the plot and just skipped the briefings and debriefings just so I could get through the missions as quickly as possible. Possibly too many bonus points awarded for no reason, as well, though it's good to know how many different Khalidor Crescents you can earn in the game!
 LCM Corran Shub
    rating: 5
 One of the best missions I have played. Very polished plot line implemented whole implemented in UI mission briefings. All missions in the battle are great, moderately difficult and varied with lots of blasting smugglers and rebels!
 LT Sergi Coward
    rating: 3
 It´s quite a good battle, though in the last mission i miss the emergence of any more enemy large or medium craft.
 LT Kal J'qan
    rating: 3
 Starts off quite mundanely, but does pick up towards the end.
 LCM Halk Knight
    rating: 5
 good story line real good battle.
 LCM Danel
    rating: 4
 Good battle and good history Recommended
 CT Debric
    rating: 4
 Wonderful battle! This is my first XWA custom battle that I have flown, but I do know enough to say that this battle is great. If it weren't for the endless Toscans and their evil missiles, I would have given this battle a 5. Great storyline, wonderful gameplay.
 VA Astix
    rating: 4
 More or less what everyone else said... an excellent plotline (more than comparable with a LucasArts invention) but somewhat cyclic thanks to the swarms of Toscans. Also, a custom Veepal ship would've been nice.
 LC Argon Viper
    rating: 4
 I like the concept and the battle itself. I think if it weren't for the nearly endless waves of Toscan Fighters waiting to shove missles up my rear I would have given this battle a 5. As it is, it's still one of the better battles I've played, so it still warrants a 4.
 LCM Beignet
    rating: 5
 Hard, but not impossible, and very well balanced, great plotline, this battle is a must play :)
 LC Quincy Nelson
    rating: 5
 This is the best battle I have ever flowen. In any flight sim.. Good brefings,plotline & I loved the ending. Also I got to fly my fav.. fighter the awsome T/D.I was wanting more. Good Job..
 CM Sirik Xirok
    rating: 5
 Great, excellent, superb. Need, part two!
 MAJ Keiran Laserlight
    rating: 5
 Great plot, great missions, great Battle. The best I ever played!
 CPT Fallien Skull
    rating: 5
 I loved it! Great story line mixed with real hard fightening, never thought Torscan fighters would be such a hand full, especially when flying the TIE/D. I can't wait to play to 2nd part keep up the good work
 LCM Luke Morin
    rating: 4
 Awsome Mission, woulda gave it a 5, but, need more variety of atting craft.
 COL Mosh
    rating: 5
 Superb Battle, great plot.
 SL Jagged Fel
    rating: 4
 I never give fives, so this gets a 4. Great story-line, great ideas... but I kinda got tired of the old T/D versus Toscan Fighter all the time. Otherwise: a 5.
 LCM CyberShadow
    rating: 5
 Excellent battle!
 LCM Hape Unger
    rating: 5
 Cool battle! I will now download the second part.
 CM Furious George
    rating: 4
 Good battle, excellent de-briefings, but the briefings leave something to be desired. I kinda got tired of killing Toscan fighters though.
 CM Dash Rendar
    rating: 5
 The BEST battle I have ever flown! Great storyline, great missions, great ending!
 LT Keiran Halcyon
    rating: 2
 A little repetitrive.
 LT Jello
    rating: 3
 It seemed a bit repetitive...
 CPT Kael Malahk
    rating: 5
 very very good battle. I loved it especially the story, very good.
 CPT Alexi Stukov
    rating: 4
 Excellent battle, massive battle in mission 5. Great replayability.
 COL Joey C
    rating: 4
 I thought that these battles were made well, and the storyline was good. Can't wait to try Part 2
 MAJ Erryc Lasitter
    rating: 4
 Great battle, except I'll have to concede to one point made by another pilot: Too much just sitting on the sidelines...It would be nice to be able to get in and kill some more before the mass of reinforcements come in and do the job for ya. Overall, however, a GREAT battle. I'm going to go load Part II in now and give it a whirl!
 SL Kitten-claw
    rating: 3
 A potentially good battle, but sorry too many times you end up just being an spectator. Also contains another one of those lets leave out some very important information at the briefing, I like the idea of a twist to missions, but leaving out mission critical orders. Story line was good, but not a battle which I would recommend.
 LCM Victor Kage
    rating: 5
 Brillant, 1 of the Best Battles ive fought.
 LC Alec Qarni
    rating: 5
 Great battle, I now want to utterly destroy those arrogant aliens. If I see one more Toscan Fighter...
    rating: 5
 Very good battle! My first ever completed to EH! The only thing that annoyed me a lot was EVERY SINGLE SHIP targeting me! in that recon mission!
 LT Sirel Dukat
    rating: 5
 I can't say anything bad about this, didn't have any problems, and loved the storyline where you fly in a campaign against a barabaric race threatning the EH. I wish more missions were somewhat like this.
  Tomaas Banys
    rating: 5
 Great for a non-LA mission. Fantastic plot and superb missions. I'd improve 2 things: first of all, I'd make a new fighter for those alien bastards. Second, I'd add some speech samples. But, anyways, this battle is a must-do and deserves a 6. It made me like XWA!
 MAJ Jack Stone
    rating: 5
 EXCELLENT! The battle was so cool. I even got the Diamond Eyes of the Kalidor Crescent. HURRY UP WITH THAT SEQUEL, COLONEL
 LC Timbal
    rating: 5
 Excellent Battle!!! one of the best I've played, eagerly awaiting sequel!!!! =)
 CPT Psyko Prefect
    rating: 5
 Woooooooohooooo, great mission, that was bloody FUN...
 CM Symon Ilmen'Nost
    rating: 5
 Great plotline,great balance,great battle!This battle is truly a masterpiece! Keep up the good work! P.S. Now I know Toscan fighter's weak spot.
 FA Bevel Leeson
    rating: 5
 I enjoyed every minute of it. Can't wait to play the next one. Keep up the good work.
 CPT Xander Drax
    rating: 5
 This battle was great. The story elements, both in mission and in the breifings were incredible. The only thing that I found anoying was siting out the last mission because a Toscan fighter disabled me a minute into it. But that was my own fault, so I only hate Toscans, not the battle.
 CPT Rexal Qel
    rating: 5
 It rocks!!!
 LT Rand Al'Thor
    rating: 5
 INCREDIBLE! The story line was great! I absolutely LOVED the debriefings. Anybody wanting to make battles should be required to fly this first. The only con, aside from Aliens using human ships :P, was that the fighters, in my opinion, were too easy to take out...and I doubt many people see that as being bad :).
 LCM Emon
    rating: 4
 Excellent, excellent battle. Highly recommended. Shooting the same types of ships over and over again did get a little boring, though, but the story was great and the action was non-stop.
 LT Ruin Doveria
    rating: 4
 I liked the battle, its a really fun one (thas purdy much it* btw ya talk like that when you Live in Texas :P
 COL Scoser
    rating: 4
 Great battle, but the dogfighting gets a little too wild for me! (Especially when my arm feels like it's gonna fall off...)
 LT Victor Stalwart
    rating: 4
 Great Battle Graphically, The last missions fleet looks incredible arrayed as they are when reinforcements arrive. Only two gripes, something other than toscan fighters would have added replayability to it. Secondly Missions could have been a bit more varied. Other than that great custom battle, highly recommend to everyone!! Keep it up, cant wait for the follow up!
 COL Woobee
    rating: 5
 This is the best custom XWA battle I have played yet! Anyone with XWA must play this battle!
 LC Archon
    rating: 5
 Excellent story and missions. By far the most fun XWA battle to play. The small technical errors really didn't affect the gameplay much. Having the conversations as debriefings was brilliant, and worked perfectly.
 AD Troutrooper
    rating: 5
 This battle makes me (a dedicated TIE Fighter pilot) want to fly more XWA battles, it's that good. I was slightly disappointed by the aburpt end of the plotline, but other than that, this was an EXCELLENT battle!
 CT Darksaber
    rating: 5
 A great Battle, my Favorite and my CMDR´s favorite. But there should be more types of enemy figthers not only Toscan figthers
 LCM Ranger
    rating: 4
 Storyline is good , battles are good designed ( I like especially the debriefing ) but it´s not so challenging as I thought .
 CM The_Z
    rating: 5
 Top notch! (even if some cap ships had starfigher orders....but the storyline kept up for that)
 LT Kweeky
    rating: 5
 Excellent Battle... Its good to see some new opposition rather than constantly attacking boring old X and A-Wings, even though their much easier to shoot down :P
 CPT Vengeance
    rating: 4
 Very good plot. I hate Toscan fighters now. Can't wait for the follow-up battle.
 MAJ Aven Kronn
    rating: 5
 Great story, great missions, great battle. People who don't play this really miss something.
 LCM Eric325
    rating: 5
 Where to begin, where to begin...this mission is the best there ever was, and ever will be, the only exception is that Caps had fighter orders. Implecable, other than that one tiny detail. Kudos and I hope to see more of you missions in future time.
 CM Jodo Kast
    rating: 5
 BEST DANG XWA BATTLE PLAYED YET!! I loved it..The caps with fighters orders were the only detractor but apart from that GREAT BATTLE!! I beg you make a sequal.
 CM Ray Lazzak
    rating: 5
 The best XWA battle so far! The plotline is borrowed from Truce at Bakura and NJO, but with enough originality to keep it interesting. Capships with fighter orders are the only flaw in the gameplay, but it didn't seem to detract too much. The debriefings are great, cool, awesome, whatever! Can't wait for a sequel!
 FA Kessler
    rating: 5
 One of the true greats. Very well done to COL Sauron for writing a battle that holds your interest all the way through. Even if I did get a little confused in the mission where I had to fly a Defender to protect the Escort Shuttle that was carrying me :P
 LCM Jodo-Kast
    rating: 5
 What a great battle ! The missions flowed niceley and the story line was pure brilliance ! A must play !
 COL Ricaud
    rating: 5
 Alright, the plot is a little unoriginal, lifted right out of Truce at Bakura/New Jedi Order ... and there's the annoying inconsistency that if this is an unknown alien race, why do they use standard galactic ships? But all the same, this battle rocks great big fecking bells, and that's all anybody needs to know.
 MAJ Sanj
    rating: 5
 Sweet battle. Played out well and had a great storyline. My compliments to Sauron.
 CM Edwan Lipit
    rating: 5
 This is definitely the BEST XWA battle yet to be made! The after mission fics were extremely cool. The story was very good. The Battle was actually on the easy side though. It was easily the best battle made in the EH. Worthy of the 5.
 CM Jan Schneider
    rating: 5
 VA Wlodek
    rating: 4
 I have enough of Toscan Fighters FOREVER!
 MAJ Calvin Senzin
    rating: 4
 Not the most technically sound, but the plot is pretty dang good for an EH Battle!
 MAJ Cray Mikalen
    rating: 5
 Great Battle. It's ALOT of fun to play. You can overlook some of the problems like starfighter orders for cap ships because the plot rules and the missions are lots of fun. MUST HAVE SEQUEL!!!
 CPT Crix Madine
    rating: 5
 This is the best battle I'v flown ever
 AD Xanos Goatham Zorrixor
    rating: 5
 This must be the best battle i have ever flown! The plotline is pure excellence, the battles themselves are massive fun to fly! I assume theres part 2 to come :) I can't wait!
 COL Kermee
    rating: 3
 Yes, a great plot, borrowed from truce at bakura & the NJO books.However, capships with starfighter orders, and a few other oversites in the mission design detracted from it.
 CPT Paradox
    rating: 5
 I think this battle sets a new high standard for the plots that go along with the battles. It had a great text opener, and wondeful "after mission" story parts that not only explained what happend in the last mission, but also led the player into the next mission.I was surprised by how well the in-mission elements fit to the story line, and how the battle left you wondering more about its sequel. Well worth the 5.
 HA Zsinj
    rating: 5
 The BEST XWA Battle so far in my opinion!
 SA Kawolski
    rating: 5
 I love the story. I love the battle! Play this, it's great!
 MAJ Raxis Krieger
    rating: 5
 Excellent battle! No Bugs at all! Great Storyline. Its not too hard or too easy either! Great job!
 COL Dras Hempor
    rating: 5
 Excellent , almost always something going on and a lotta stuff to kill :)