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Reviews for XWA-free 15

 MAJ Genie
    rating: 4
 Briefing is excellent. More in line of how briefings should be. Using the tools available to you, for properly flagging each FG and giving enough time to... read the text. The mission itself, is made of believable craft for the smugglers which is a big plus for immersion. The only downer is the escaping shuttle is indestructable (configured by the mission creator). I even tried to crash into it. Could easily have been the start of a bigger story. I do love the hyperspace sequence at the very beginning of the mission. The beacon should have been in the same direction to allow you to instantly follow through.
 LCM Marek Ny`Irfa
    rating: 4
 Fairly well done mission. I enjoyed the variety of craft types the opposition had both in terms of starfighters and the capital ships. It's a race against time if you want a good score though. Immortal and Iron Fist are merciless at wiping stuff around you.
 COL Deimos
    rating: 5
 Both simple and complex. Many of the reported "flaws" have been corrected, but there seems to be quite a few points missing. Getting scores of 10k or more requires a lot of precision, agression and superior timing.
 LC Dolsar Saris
    rating: 0
 Overall this is a poor mission... The objectives are reasonable, and the environemt is full of targets that you'd love to shoot (plenty of cap. ships, and a big shipyard). IF you could get the three squadrons of fighters off your tail long enough to do so!! The other "friendly" fighters and cap. ships do absolutely nothing to help you, so you are left to deal with over 36 fighters, by yourself. Great if you like dogfighting, but horrible if you'd rather kill cap. ships. If you turn your decoy beam system on to free yourself of the enemy fighters, they simply run to hyperspace, and take their bonus points with them. So, by the time you take care of the enemy fighters, all the other "big" targets have been destroyed, leaving you with a pitiful score to show for all the work you did. Then there is the matter of the Traitor, his shuttle is set on invulnerable (something I despise). So you can't get to him as early as you should be able to and have to do things the hard way. In conclusion, this mission has the beginnings of a good one, but it needs major revision before it can be considered playable and realistic (wingmen that actually help you would be a BIG PLUS).
 MAJ Erryc Lasitter
    rating: 4
 Not bad at all! Enjoyed it immensely...only thing is, I received a real low score for all of the kills I got...maybe if this gets updated, you can add some bonus points for cap ship kills? Great battle overall!
 GN Wil Striker
    rating: 4
 Lots of enemy fighters to kill, but the overall plot got lost while fighting the enemy ships. The only thing I had a problem with this mission was when I would be attacking one of the larger ships, it would tell me that I had destroyed a friendly craft, and there weren't any friendly ships around.
 COL Dras Hempor
    rating: 4
 Worked OK for me :P