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Reviews for TIE-TC 41

 CM TheBlackxRanger
    rating: 1
 i dont know what to say about this one, its playable to say the least. didnt really enjoy this one all too much, the dialogue was short and unclear. Mostly unhelpful when needing to know what the mission objectives are.
 CM andr3
    rating: 2
 Single line mission briefings. Lots of cap ships to finish off with lasers due to unavailability of reloads. Slightly grindy.
 CPT SkyShadow
    rating: 4
 A challenging five mission battle that starts you out testing a new technology but soon unravels into a fight for your life. This is a very 'take down a capital ship' heavy battle, so prepare to strip down those turbo lasers. The mission briefings and officer text are extremely minimal, which is a shame as this really could have padded out the plot line nicely. The missions are very well designed and will certainly keep you on your toes. An excellent candidate for a competition.
 LC Rando
    rating: 2
 Gameplay is simple and easy. Getting a decent score is also easy, and generally quick to complete, too. The combat isn't great, merely okay, and sometimes repetitive. A bit lackluster and sometimes spammy with the enemy craft waves, but it's tolerable. It has a plot, but it's about as bare as it gets. Pretty much nothing in the briefings. While I don't expect much from story in these battles, it has a couple moments that are kind of stupid. Overall it doesn't really have much going for it. It's not particularly interesting, but at least it's not annoying either.
 GN Anahorn Dempsey
    rating: 2
 Although the idea is nice there are a few flaws. It has a definite "kill all" feel to it, in mission 2 the craft you need to protect is set to invincible, and a MIS with a half load of warheads is just bad planning. With some work, this might end up decent...
 AD Hav Antiel
    rating: 1
 This was a disappointing battle. Everything worked, and there were no bugs, but there were plenty of typos, and the missions were seemingly pointless. Do you really need to read a radio message, "Die Solo, you scum"?
 LC Tempest
    rating: 1
 A simplistic battle without anything worth mentioning.
 CM Serin Jansj
    rating: 2
 Yet another battle. This one isn't particularly good, and isn't particularly bad; it just goes by. That's basically all you can say of it. The plot is nonexistent, the flying consists of boring waves over and over, and the whole thing is basically in exercise in gaining a few more FCHG. Nothing less than that, but nothing more by any standard.
 GN Doyon
    rating: 2
 The battle is the classical "Destroy the Rebel fleet because they're Rebels" . The missions are well made though, but if the plot was more developped, it would have been a better battle.