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Reviews for TIE-TC 4

 LC Alejandro Araujo
    rating: 4
 Fun, but it could use some more dialog guiding the pilot toward its goals I guess. Not a big deal tho, fun stuff here. It is interesting to toy with the idea of capturing or recovering stole tech. However it'd have been better to see more T/Ds or even T/As on enemy hands. We already got an example on vanilla TIE campaigns. Overall, you get some fun action killing lots of foes here and there.
 LT Big-J-Q
    rating: 1
 Yet-another-boring-battle. The plot is completely uninteresting and stupid. Just destroy lots of capital ships .
 LC Curtis
    rating: 3
 ok nothing wrong with it just a bit boring
 LT Hobb
    rating: 3
 The battle's storyline was sort of good but these battles about Zarin and his technology are getting quite boring.
  Garet Jax
    rating: 4
 Was good and i need too know how much money the rebels have! a lot too buy that many ships
 LT Diakonov
    rating: 1
 I really liked it but im not to big of a "capture objective" fan
 LT Tonak
    rating: 2
 Short and easy. It could be alot better.
 LC Kenath Zoron
    rating: 4
 This is a fun battle although it's fairly easy to beat. Also a bit repetative.
 LT Bester
    rating: 2
 A playable battle, but unfortunately very boring. Almost every mission seems to be about capturing something? This and some other annoying aspects lower the rating. In a nutshell: Nothing new, nothing interesting.
 LC DS-61-4
    rating: 1
 I am getting extremely annoyed with Zaarin missions:) Let it go, he's dead. Not a painful battle to fly, but annoying.
 CPT Cmr Brown
    rating: 2
 The 2nd mission was a little skewed in design. The messages are very out of sync with the game. But otherwise, it was a pretty decent battle.