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Reviews for TIE-TC 150

 LC Curtis
    rating: 2
 Pretty easy stuff, 5 quick FCHG points.
 CPT Dujhod
    rating: 2
 This battle is quite easy. Although it is fun, the many bugs, the absence of briefings, and the deficiency of post-mission officer questions detract from the battle severely.
 COL Beef
    rating: 2
 Flying a T/F is fun, but the whole idea was not really original or interesting. On the easy side. The lack of briefings and the blue IFF not being an enemy lowered its score.
 GN Master
    rating: 3
 Not bad at all, even though mission one was too easy. But the lack of mission de-briefings and maps killed the battle a small amount, as well as the bugs i found.
 VA Toran Dan
    rating: 3
 Flying this battle makes fun, because it isn't too hard. The only thing which is missing is a map briefing in every mission. That's the reason why I only give this battle 3 points...