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Reviews for XWA-TC 4

 COL NiksaVel
    rating: 4
 Definitelly one of the more interesting battles, the only problem I have with it is that the mission before last the inspection run lasts forever and it's followed by an intense fight. Having been taken out immediately there I had to spend another eternity of inspecting :/
    rating: 4
 I liked this battle overall. The plot was interesting enough and led to good player-ship variety and mission objective variety as well. My only issue is the last couple missions were just a bit too long, but overall the battle wasn't super long.
 CM TheBlackxRanger
    rating: 4
 Had a lot of fun with this one, played this during rtf 21'. I played with cheats and on the last mission it was alot of fun just blowing everything up. Thats what you get for taking on the empire! Only thing is when i finished i spent a good amount of time just waiting around at zero speed
 CM andr3
    rating: 4
 I like it. You fly mostly for the rebels only to find their base and betray them in the end. Salvage what is good and kill the rest. That base is huge / there are an incredible amount of ships in action. Also, there is a good diversity in different mission types.
 CPT Solohan50
    rating: 3
 I played on Easy. This battle is a mixed bag for me. On one hand, the missions are fairly varied and the storyline is interesting. One the other hand, this battle is plagued by the same timing issues that these early XWA missions have - there's TONS of waiting around. Also, mission 4 was the most boring 10+ minutes I've spent in a mission in a long time. 10 minutes of inspecting ships/containers is not fun, even if it makes sense narratively. All said and done, this mission is decent but needs some touching up to truly be great.
 LCM Marek Ny`Irfa
    rating: 4
 That was fairly enjoyable battle! I did enjoy the plot but as earlier comments state this is more a spy/special ops than privateering. Is it really so weird for the rebels to take on everyone they can? They did pick a moisture farmer from a sandy backhole afterall... Nevertheless, that battle is decently made from technical perspective as well. However, from the things I noticed and don't like... Mission 2 is a slight adaptation of one of XWA original missions. In mission 1 and 4 you are given penalty when leaving the mission through "Q" button. In mission 4 you are even encouraged to do that by a message that appears at the end. DO NOT DO THAT! You can safely return back to the ISD in both cases for no 2000 points penalty. I've seen people complain about mission 4 lenght too. You can easily optimize your flight path and speed up the inspection by mashing the "O" key which targets your nearest objective! Anyhow, all in all pretty solid and fun one to fly.
 LCM Lo Mar
    rating: 3
 It was ok. The premise and concept are interesting enough, going "privateer" and joining the Rebels. It's not really privaterring though, it was more of just being a spy. It's also implausible you could just "join" a Rebel patrol and hang out for months. But I still like the idea. Mission design is average. Nothing bad, but nothing exceptional. Some waiting, but nothing prohibitive.
 CM Wodi Untok
    rating: 3
 I didn't enjoy the inspection missions, lots of waiting around and some general boring game play. The plot was great, and definitely makes this one worth playing despite some flaws.
 LCM Corran Shub
    rating: 4
 Although I liked whole idea and plot of the mission – stealing a rebel craft and flying a little in x-wing instead of TIE for 3 missions. Mission 4 is joy killer… Too time consuming and boring, that’s why -1 point. Still mission was fun to play, little bit different thanks to x-wing and I would recommend it for beginners.
 GN Stryker
    rating: 3
 This was an interesting battle with an interesting plot that wouldn't have been out of place as an Infiltrator Wing mission. However, the score is low due to long periods of waiting, an inspection mission that took forever, and enemies that refuse to shoot at you on more than one occasion.
 HA Elwood the Brave
    rating: 4
 The story of the battle was quiet interesting. Waiting times in the first missions were ok, even though a bit more action would have made it a bit less boring. Just in Mission 4 the inspection run takes forever and thus overshadowed the whole battle. The last mission brings back enough action to make it worth flying this battle though. So overall a 4 for this battle.
 CM Ark-illos
    rating: 5
 I liked it a lot! It´s a lot of fun and has some nice dogfighting! After flying TIEs for a long time I realize that I don´t like rebel X-wings anymore :)
 LT Kal J'qan
    rating: 2
 To be honest the plot is quite silly and far-fetched, with little explanation of what's really going on. The enemy craft are also pretty easy to kill. Perfectly playable, just not as much fun as you'd expect.
 VA Astix
    rating: 4
 Fairly easy missions, harder if you can be bothered to wipe out the craft still remaining after the mission goals are complete on missions 1-4. Good fun, and that's saying something from a guy who hates flying X-Wings >:-)
 FA Giovanni Palermo
    rating: 3
 The battle personally wasn't bad... mission 2 seemed a little unoriginal though, as it seem quite strangely identical, to a mission in Battle 5 of XWA, involving the Hurrim. Because of the having to fly an X-Wing, and that one little lack of originality in mission 2, I'll have to give it a 3.
 LT Anaba
    rating: 5
 This missions is the best i ever played. I don't it's that i played as a rebel pilot or very fine fabular line... Recommending to play for ALL!!!
 LT Hakavay
    rating: 4
 Easy battles and fun to play in a x-wing. Gotta love being a spy.
 CPT Tyanis Slyth
    rating: 4
 Good battle, I enjoyed flying with the rebels. Mission 4 was a little tiresome though but overall, a really enjoyable battle
 HA Striker
    rating: 4
 Good one ! Interesting plotline, no real bug, well good work !
 LT Ruin Doveria
    rating: 4
 it was a good battle though a lil tricky with the capturing and then getting into the rebel X-wing but it was good the rest of the way :) :)
 FA Kessler
    rating: 4
 Cool battle! I hate X-Wings with a passion, and now I know why, but it doesn't detract from a most cool battle. Excellent work.
 LC Archon
    rating: 3
 Flying this battle, I discovered why I didn't join the IW. I hate all rebel craft with a passion, they are horrible! (Sorry all you IWers) Anyway, my only other problem is with the 4th mission, where you have to do all that inspecting. Took forever and was very boring. The Imp missions were good though.
 MAJ Calvin Senzin
    rating: 4
 Excellent Battle. I think this captures the spirit of the original XWA missions: a personal story set against an epic background. Not that this story is really that sentimental or anything, but you just have to grin when, during the final assault on the enemy base, the transports capture the Corvette designated for your reward. Lots and lots of Flight Groups in each mission, all performing intricate tasks. The only reason I give the Battle a 4 is because of the sometimes messy pre-mission briefings and hangar weapons selection. Other than that, this Battle's great :-)
 GN Sasquatch
    rating: 4
 This a very enjoyable battle! It takes advantage of the XWA platform by allowing you to pilot both Imperial and Rebel craft in the same battle. I loved infiltrating the Rebels to find their base, then coming back in my TIE to destroy them once and for all!
 HA Keiran Idanian
    rating: 4
 I love flying XWA battles. I don't really know why, I just do. I think that this is a really good battle. I enjoy playing as rebels and then blowing them up. They never know what hit them! If you want to play as rebels, kill them, and love XWA, this is a good battle to fly!
 LC Saeul Trigue
    rating: 3
 For those wanting more XWA Battles, Here ya go. This battle has its rough spots but Overall its one of the better XWA battles currently available.
 CM Jan Schneider
    rating: 5
 Very good battle, i thing one of the best for X-Wing:Alliance!