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Reviews for XWA-IW 1

 CM Wildfire
    rating: 4
 The story and briefings were nicely thought out and presented. Mission 1 was fairly straight forward, zip in and kill some satellites. Mission 2 was crazy and the reason this is not rated a 5. You have to inspect a ton of capital ships, all alone, and not die. It only took me a couple of tries, but wow, it was crazy. Mission 3 was a struggle for me, but it was a very enjoyable struggle. One massive battle. Quite entertaining. Mission 4 and 5 were a bit easier than 3 and just helped wrap up the story.
 LC Phalk Sturm
    rating: 4
 A nice battle, well developed with a gripping plot. The A-W is definitely not a nice startfighter when entering a massive capship battle and anyhting else would have been better. Difficulty was above average, but I am a lousy XWA pilot, so I can not judge very well. I had a lot of fun with this one.
 COL Stryker
    rating: 4
 I'll start by saying that the A-Wing isn't my favourite IW ship to fly, and that some elements of this campaign would've been easier in an X-Wing. That said, aside from having to watch a friendly base be destroyed before friendly forces showed up, this was an excellent campaign with a compelling story!
 COL Doyon
    rating: 4
 This battle was well made, without any visible bugs. The storyline is okay, I'm not a big fan of the alphabet fighters, but since it's a IW battle I can't really count this against it. The third mission was tough, but if you follow the orders it's way easier. Good job!
 LCM Lo Mar
    rating: 4
 A couple of the missions are pretty bare bones, the fleet engagement in 3, though, is pretty awesome. Story's fairly incoherent, but again, mission 3 makes the whole thing worth it.
 LCM JetMech
    rating: 3
 This was my first foray into the IW series of missions and it was an interesting one at that. I wasn't crazy about flying the A-Wing at first, but it proved to get the job done. I believe it was mission 4, to finish the rebel fleet. That was a tough mission. My flying skills, personally, were not quite up to par, although I can see where it might present a good challenge to a more skilled pilot. All in all this was a good mission. I'm not sure I fully grasp the IW component of it, but it was a good time.
 RA Zekk Terrik
    rating: 5
 I thought this battle was quite fun! It’s an interesting change of pace to fly Rebel craft for a change. You fly the A Wing for all missions in this battle and, considering that the A wing is the one Rebel craft that I absolutely hate to dog fight, it’s nice to turn the tables for once. I also appreciate the fact that it was rather realistic, as a naval engagement typically starts with a whole hell of a lot of recon followed by multiple small skirmishes, then one huge one that typically decides a battle, and that’s exactly what this was. I know a lot of people hate on it but I love the blow everything to pieces missions, especially when you are in a fast attack craft like an A-wing that is just made for dogfighting. Overall I can find very little to complain about in this battle...job well done by the creator!
 LT Stryker
    rating: 4
 Loved it, great mission...the only reason I didn't give it a 5 was due to the use of A-Wings in every single mission...
 CPT Avantar
    rating: 5
 Very good battle. Solid plot, nice briefings and lots of action. I liked it very much, even though I was flying rebel ships ;)
 LC Dolsar Saris
    rating: 5
 One of the best battles I have ever played. A great storyline, combined with excellent briefings and fast paced action. Definately worth a 5!!
 CM Furious George
    rating: 5
 All around great battle. Huge dogfights, plus the you vs. the world kindof missions, and a flawless storyline. My only problem was that sometimes there were just too many ships to shoot at and my comp slowed down. :)
 VA Toran Dan
    rating: 5
 This battle is well designed and it is really funny to fly. Many fighters and big capital ships to destroy, but really tough one.
 LCM Eric325
    rating: 5
 Well I could say that this mission is a piece of junk, but then I would be yanking the chains of truth. Although long, this battle is challanging and worthy of the time and effort.
 HA Striker
    rating: 5
 My favorite one... much time spent but it was worth it !
 CM Var Zoraan
    rating: 5
 Hmmmm...I flew this one two weeks ago and I still remember how cool it was! I really loved it because the missions are hard and it's possible to win.
 CPT Werdna Elbee
    rating: 5
 How much do I love this battle? Far too much!!!
 SL Phoenix
    rating: 4
 One of the best battles avaliable! My only complaint is that you are stuck with the A-Wing for the entire battle
 CM Banger
    rating: 4
 Great Battle, The Battle in the middle would have worked better as a climax at the end
 CM Jan Schneider
    rating: 5
 A very good Battle! Good storyboard and good missions, although some of them were difficult!
 COL Raith Sienar
    rating: 4
 Very good Battle! Has great plot that is implemented well.