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Reviews for TIE-free 1

 MAJ Robert Hogan
    rating: 3
 A simple and easy mission to complete, but still fun to fly nonetheless. Like some of the other reviewers have stated, there doesn’t feel to be any real danger, but it’s always fun to blow up some rebels in the morning.
 COL Phalk Sturm
    rating: 4
 A fun to fly, straightforward mission flying the best fighter ever. Perhaps a bit long, but overall easy and has an edge for trying the high score, the T/D is always a pleasure to fly, especially for smashing rebel heads. A classic
 CPT Highlander
    rating: 3
 An extremely long mission and constantly evading missiles, overall it was a fun mission other than the fact I eventually got tired of waiting for the bombers to take out the 2 main ships and took them out myself ... witha fighter? The use of the tractor beam made taking out the A-Wings a bit easier
 CM SkyShadow
    rating: 4
 A solid largish scale fleet battle. I didn't find completing the objectives overly challenging. However getting a decent high score will require work. All in all a good firefight.
 LT Mirei Seppen
    rating: 2
 A bare bones skirmish encounter with a vessel that could be used easily for training. The inclusion of the Millenium Falcon was a addition common to early EH missions, but with the time period it is still a valid thing. I just do not perfer such being added. Over all with the exception of a submitted bug report the mission was fine.
 LC Alejandro Araujo
    rating: 5
 Actually after looking for a decent score, I enjoyed this. Pretty simple briefing , no much background story...just shooting down waves of different crafts. The use of the T/D became pretty standard on the battles but w/e, you're not in danger here...starships doesn't shoot back as much as expected which is good if you're looking to kill them. The ISD Avenger could have been put under risk by having more craft attacking it. I noticed those MIS deployed, actually focused on the fighters rather than the CRS itself. It was a race to kill as many craft as fast as possible before your comrades gets to them. I liked it.
 LC Genie
    rating: 3
 Straight forward skirmish battle. Enjoyable to play. I feel overpowered flying as a TIE Defender. Never felt at risk, but otherwise an enjoyable mission being pitted against several types of starfighters and a few capital ships. All about being fast taking them down!
 GN Earnim Branet
    rating: 3
 Good battle, with many waves of enemies and different types of enemy ships to face. The level of difficulty can be varied and thus have the possibility of increasing our final score. The focus is on eliminating as many enemy ships with the option of destroying the capital ships at the end, if we want to, but the waves of enemies will continue for the enjoyment of those who want to simply destroy the enemy. A simple story and some basic objectives, with guaranteed entertainment for those who just want a good battle to measure our pilot skills.
 GN Anahorn Dempsey
    rating: 1
 The ISD problem is a game problem, not mission. Easily fixed by installing the EHSP. What I found most annoying is that the incompetent missile boats start playing tag with the fighters instead of going for the cruiser that is semi-threatening your cap
 COL Impulse
    rating: 4
 Excellent battle. Lots of rebels to destroy. BUT! Most of all Missile Boats are invulnerable! Some players said that ISD don't engage enemy fighters, but when I played (TIE CD), ISD attacked Cruiser and other rebel fighters.
 CPT Dujhod
    rating: 1
 Kill-kill-kill mission. Nothing to do but kill wave after endless wave of alphabet fighters, along with a couple of cruisers. You have an ISD and a squadron of missile boats on your side, but the star destroyer just sits still and doesn't bother to return fire at its attackers, and the missile boats aren't equipped with missiles.
 COL Rau Aznable
    rating: 0
 It's hard to describe how boring this mission is. You fight endless waves of fighters, while witnessing two incredibly stupid things: Missile Boats attacking a cruiser without any warheads; and an ISD that, not only doesn't fire on enemy, but also can't move because the cruiser is blocking its way like a wall!
 LT Endymion
    rating: 3
 A nice battle indeed, not too difficult nor too easy. I liked it 'cause I had got tired of shooting down traitors in regular TF missions... at last I can shoot down some rebels. There are a pair of things that could be fixed (see my Bug Report).
 COL Jacob Van Nowak
    rating: 3
 Be perpared for a challenge, but still a good battle.
 LT Dino
    rating: 3
 well this battle was pretty good but it was long, i hate long battles!!!!! but overall it was fun
 FA Aiden Cantor Karias
    rating: 5
 A great mission, tons of stuff to blow up, lots of fun, and not too hard.
    rating: 3
 Don't quite understand how you can clear 100k on this... I got 79,000 (LL), and I killed every bloody ship there was, got all the goals, ...
 GN Drake
    rating: 3
 Not Bad...All the enemy ships have missiles though so avoid this mission if you hate dodging..
 LCM Ranger
    rating: 3
 Even when I like such missions where I can blast tons of rebels , I think it was a bit too easy .
 LC Gen Es'mith
    rating: 5
 A well balanced and interesting mission. I had no problems with briefings or anything else. I fly TIE95.