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Reviews for XWA-free 1

 MAJ Genie
    rating: 3
 I feel dirty flying these missions on easy (for RTF). I will try to do this review justice. This mission is as basic as it can be for an XWA mission. The regions are used for the sake of using regions. In other words, this is a good ... tutorial on how to use regions to stage different events, but the events themselves are nothing to tell home about. So the region setup feels forced. You fly in the obligatory T/D. Never inn any real risk. Also near the end all your friends hyperspace out, leaving you alone to finish off the platform. Not clear why that is. There is nothing fundamentally wrong, but not much to highlight either.
 COL Stryker
    rating: 1
 This mission had a lot of potential, but I found it had several issues that prevented me enjoying it. Rogue Squadron should have been an "end boss" rather than a warmup, and dumping a single ship into endlessly respawning waves of fighters while simultaneously trying to blow up a Platform was both enraging and offputting.
 LCM Marek Ny`Irfa
    rating: 3
 This was quite a pleasurable mission to fly.The size of forces on both sides seemed fair. Perhaps EH side has just a bit too many ships. The goal is relatively simple too. Kill them all, with a small capture operation on the side. From technical perspective, a solid mission.
 LT Allco
    rating: 3
 Seems to be over rather quickly -and the waiting around after the first jump does not help.
 CPT Karrad Entar
    rating: 4
 This was a fun mission, there are a few bonus's which makes it easy to get a high score. You shoud definately give it a go!
 MAJ Blair Vallyn
    rating: 2
 Sit back, relax, and watch the AI do all the work. I played it on hard with the TIE Advanced...hardly a scratch on her, too
 LCM Turbo
    rating: 4
 it's a good battle... needs more fighters though (enemy and friendly)
    rating: 3
 It had a good plot and storyline, but I really didnt enjoy the mission that much.
 SA Kawolski
    rating: 4
 It's got a good design and it's a fun mission to play!