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Reviews for TIE-free 92

 LC Phalk Sturm
    rating: 3
 This mission sounds original although easy once you figure it out. The auto-locking missiles from the X-Ws is a bit annoying and unrealistic, but not impossible. Another flaw is that the author confused secret goals with bonus goals, since the FRG Valiant was supposed to be a bonus, and was marked as secret. But all in all a nice, easy and enjoyable pastime.
 FA Khadgar
    rating: 4
 Another than waiting at the end (which can mostly be skipped by going on 4x speed), this is a solid mission overall. The plotline is good, it's fairly fun and the missile firing X-Wings are a nice addition. Nice work, Ricaud!
 CM Neo Rising
    rating: 4
 A good little battle, the X-wings add a nice touch with the missile attack, had a blast flying it :)
 AD Krax Tarnisar
    rating: 4
 A fun little battle. It was interesting to see the X-Wings basically functioning as mines, shooting missiles at you when you attack them. An interesting twist!
 VA Wlodek
    rating: 4
 Good mission!
 COL Hawkins
    rating: 4
 Interesting and quite fun. Easy, but that can be such a welcome break from missions that are regulally irritatingly difficult. A battle doesn't have to be impossible to make it interesting and fun!
 LC Freelancer
    rating: 2
 This mission was rather interesting. A tad too easy because all you have to do is wait until the boarding craft leave before inspecting the platform. Well, more than a tad too easy. This was a cake walk! I was never in any mortal danger, once, and only had to refly it becuase I crashed into a DREAD at 4x time accelleration. The escaping SHU was rather interesting too... It would get pilot to try over and over again to kill it, when in fact it is not possible. It is a way of drawing the pilot deeper into the game, and to get them to work harder.
 VA Jahan Kalar
    rating: 3
 Good, easy mission. A little on the easy side because most of the enemy fighters wait for you to attack them before doing anything. Perhaps good for training pilots new to Tie Fighter.
 CPT Deacan
    rating: 2
 Farely ok mission. Too easy on hard because the x-wing just fire a coupple of missiles at after they've been destroyed. Not do diffecult and very easy to get a good score on. LT Deacan
 CM J'Lek Arcanos
    rating: 3
 A good battle for refreshing one's flight skills. There's a brief pause in the action, but only if you didn't pay attention to the directions that were given...
 COL Sauron
    rating: 4
 A nice mission that is fairly easy to get high marks on, however, the X-wings don't attack so it is a bit on the easy side even on hard difficulty