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Reviews for XWA-TC 3

    rating: 1
 Not the best battle. I had to restart a couple missions a few times due to bugs, or to losing objectives that were not clear what it was i was doing wrong. There were some good ideas here, just executed poorly. Also, lots of waiting for ships to dock, etc. Overall, skip unless you're trying to complete them all.
 CM andr3
    rating: 3
 I am really torn between giving this battle 5 stars for creativity and innovation and 0 for its bugginess. So I settled for 3, but that does not do it justice. All missions are vastly different from each other and its not just dumb shooting. You get to fly a lambda shuttle just to pick up a YT in the same mission. How cool is that? And then there is mission 4. If you make it to the end against Jedi skill pilots then mission critical TRN Omega keeps committing suicide after boarding the station by crashing into the antenna upon departure. The ATR does the same thing but for it it is not mission critical to survive. So I litterally had to repeat it 10 or more times for it not to crash itself.
 CM TheBlackxRanger
    rating: 4
 Really good battle, loved the story line. No issues encountered on my end. Accidentally destroyed the mission objective in mission 3 because i wasnt paying attention, oops! After reading the briefing, i was more careful of what not to shoot
 CPT Solohan50
    rating: 1
 I played on Easy. These missions could be decent, but they're marred by the fact that there's soooooo much waiting. You're constantly waiting for your ships or waiting for things to happen or flying obscene distances to get to things. Overall, I didn't particularly enjoy this.
 CM Turel
    rating: 5
 I ran this battle with cheats but it was still entertaining. The story was engaging with a decent amount of mission variety. Also the mission has you fly a wide variety of craft. Overall a fun mission.
 COL Phalk Sturm
    rating: 4
 Nice one, this battle. The story line is well developed. The missions are a variety of roles, mostly in the T/A which is a nice ride. Nothing too fancy, but a smooth, engaging and fun to fly battle. A classic for the future.
 LCM Marek Ny`Irfa
    rating: 4
 I pretty much enjoyed this battle! It has really nice story to follow. Though this could have been further outlines by mission debriefings. Other than a brief summary for the last mission, none other had a debriefing text available. I've seen a lot of comments about long wait times which is true, especially for capture operations to be performed. In mission 1 the long distance to the nav buoy was certainly done to accomodate the dialogue happening. Although if you drop the power to the beam weapon you will be hypering out before that happens. Mechanically it's quite nicely done as well, although starfighter orders for capships were causing issues (enemy ships colliding against one another, starfighters launching being instantly destroyed by crashing onto the ship, etc). Aside from those two flaws, it was really a decent battle to fly though!
 GN Doyon
    rating: 3
 The battle is good, the missions are well done, but some are quite hard. Some bugs are weird though, and might be game breaking for those looking to get the maximum points. The storyline is..okay, I guess, just like a James Bond movie has a very thin storyline. Still, enjoyable and challenging.
 LCM Lo Mar
    rating: 3
 On the upside, pretty good, well executed story - that goes a long way with me. Last mission was pretty good. But the design on the previous 4, particularly 3, left a lot to be desired. A lot of unnecessary waiting and some frustrating, but not necessarily hard, design choices (if that makes sense). I try to avoid taking anything down to Medium just to "get through it and be done", but I was compelled to do that here pretty early on.
 CM JetMech
    rating: 4
 I really enjoyed these missions and this battle. The idea of having to recover a forgotten research station is a pretty cool one. I liked the hit and run missions, as well as the idea of mopping up the orbital defenses. The boarding operations in this didn't seem to take an eternity either, which is great. All in all a good time and I would definitely recommend it.
 HA Elwood the Brave
    rating: 3
 The story is not bad, and the missions are more or less ok. Missions 1 - 3 could have some more action going on while mission 4 is a bit far on the hard side for my taste (even though it fits the storyline to have it this hard). Overall an ok battle.
 GN Anahorn Dempsey
    rating: 2
 Too much waiting in M2 and M3, and most starships have starfighter orders. ewww. Otherwise, not so bad.
 CM Michal Herok
    rating: 2
 the first three battles are very boring :/
 CPT Serge Broskopf
    rating: 2
 I flew through missions #1 #2 #3 and #5 one handed. I agree with most of the other comments. There's too much wainting. Some distances, like the distance to the hyperbuoy in mission #1 are too long. Briefings are poor and lengthy. And mission #4 needs rework bad! It is way out of balance at first sight, but I took a close look at the Golan 3 and noticed that you can actually finish this mission pretty fast. The Golan 3 somehow tries to attack a hyperbuoy, which causes it not to open fire on you, except for maybe one or two of its batteries. You can take out the Golan 3 with little or no effort; you will only have to figh boredom in waiting untill your lasers cut through its shields. Or else, take some space bombs with you and fly back and forth to the Immortal untill the Golan is gone. By that time, the AI flights that accompany you should have cleared most of the other static defenses, except for the L/B MG1 and MG2 (BTW: it looks as if MG2 does not have to be destroyed to get a Mission Complete, unlike MG1).
 LT Dirk Fireslinger
    rating: 4
 Fun battle, and interesting missions. Like everyone else, I think mission 4 was a bit overdone...maybe remove 1 of the mobile L/B's and reduce the T/x-1's to balance it out. Waiting wasn't really that bad, and the 2 craft in one mission was spendid.
 HA Striker
    rating: 4
 Good battle, well balanced except mission 4, the only bad points are the waitings which are not all justified, even for realism. Well done anyway.
 LC Janich
    rating: 4
 Concur with most of what's already been said about this battle. Super overall. Great details such as the e-mail messages and good briefings. More importantly was the fact that the creator took advantage of the versatility of XWA; e.g., flying 2 craft in one mission, getting a good look at some of the unique platforms/ships, etc. Complaints about mission 4 are justified- it kicked my butt several times. But, this battle (except for mission 4) gets away from the TIE tendency to make "you vs. the world" type missions. Ending might have been disappointing, but it always means there can be a part 2.
 MAJ Delak Krennel
    rating: 3
 This was my first tc mission that i did and to tell you all the truth i thought it was splendid. It was better than any missions that i have flown skirmishes on so good job on making this mission pack.
 LC Timbal
    rating: 4
 Dang, Mission 4 is hard!! Word of advice: As soon as those TIE Experimentals show up, run as fast as you can, and go in the direction of the Immortal. She'll gun down a few of them for you, and the rest you can blow away with missiles. Otherwise, a decent battle!
 MAJ Jack Stone
    rating: 5
 This battle was excellent overall. The only problems occurred in Mission 4. The Skiprays from Alpha Squadron kept attacking the IRC Darkon. I was nearly tempted to destroy those Skiprays right on the spot. Otherwise, the battle was really good.
 MAJ VinDoros
    rating: 5
 New players might find this a little difficult. I loved the Preybird fighter mission and i've always loved the Tie Advanced! I really enjoyed the missions, but watch out for the tie/experimentals in the last mission! LOL. Have fun.
 LT Victor Stalwart
    rating: 3
 Loved the mission with the Shuttle/YT-2000. With the exception of Mission 4 the battles were interesting and presented a challenge. Mission 4 was ridiculously difficult. I was forced to call in my reinforcement Skiprays in the middle of the battle half of the times i flew the mission. Perhaps if the transport launched before the IRC is disbled it would balance the mission out. That way the Transport could disable the station itself.... other than that Kudos
 CT Darksaber
    rating: 4
 Great Battle, one of my favorites
 LT Kweeky
    rating: 4
 Good fun
 LC Archon
    rating: 4
 I enjoyed this battle. Waiting wasn't bad, the first mission was the only one where it was kinda slow getting started, and it wasnt even that bad. Good plotline, but it never really ended, which I didn't like. That 4th mission was the toughest, those TIE experimentals are pretty formidable when there are lots of them. All in all, good battle.
 CPT Crix Madine
    rating: 4
 Dang, this is one of the most realistic battels I'v ever flown. The wateing isn't a problem, it just makes it more realistic. I liked the e-mails, and how the DB was connected to the TC(I'm a Sith Guardian). Overall, a good battle
 GN Sasquatch
    rating: 4
 Overall, a good battle. I liked how the author actually had new Imperial e-mails show up, and I especially liked the mission that starts you off in a simple tyderium shuttle! However, the ending truly is a disappointment ... I won't give it away, but I do recommend you fly it yourself to find out.
 CM Michael Ferin
    rating: 5
 I have noticed that most people complain about the waiting involved, but I ask you this-in Real Life, does everything happen at once? No; someone described life as being an extremely long wait filled with a few exciting moments-so this battle seems to be more realistic, to me, then most. No; I don't LIKE waiting, but I DID enjoy the added realism. I also liked the toughness in taking out the station.
 COL Pete Mitchell
    rating: 5
 It has a good plot and is challenging but not impossible
 VA Jahan Kalar
    rating: 3
 Good battle with a good plot but the last mission is ridiculously easy. The battle also seems to involve a lot of waiting. The mission where you attack the Darkon Station is a little too hard to beat. If those two missions were a little different I would give it a 5.
 CPT Bret K'thraz
    rating: 4
 I liked this one, although you can have dinner while playing, as it takes sometime for the action to begin. I'd give it a 5, but the end is soooooo disapointing. Fly and see for yourself.
 SA Kawolski
    rating: 2
 If you play this battle, make sure you have a good book with you. There's a LOT of waiting around with no action involved. It's a shame XWA doesn't come with a x2/x4 speed option because it would've really came in handy in some of these 30+ minute long missions.