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Reviews for XWA-TC 2

 CM SkyShadow
    rating: 2
 An enjoyable albeit simple campaign whit a change of pace half way through. There are some substantial parts of waiting around for capture operations to be completed. The mission briefings are debriefings are short but well written. Overall a good fly will plenty of opportunity for cap ship point scoring.
 LC Phalk Sturm
    rating: 4
 This battle starts with almost three identical missions of protecting and escorting, then turns to the offensive, delving in attacking/disabling capships or space superiority. It was nice and well rounded. The missions were not boring and engaging, the briefings are acceptably clear but nothing out of the ordinary. A nice battle to fill the FCHG bag of points.
 AD Hav Antiel
    rating: 3
 This battle suffers from a strange change in objective after the first three missions. The last two become capture fests where you have to capture separate categories of craft. On easy, it means lots of time waiting for slow TRNs and ATRs to clean up. There's the usual fare of pirate fighters to shoot at and then more waiting made worse when the player craft doesn't have ions to help with the multiple, multiple craft you need to disable.
 LCM Marek Ny`Irfa
    rating: 3
 A five mission battle where three first missions look somewhat the same. Even the waves of enemies that come have very similar composition. Mission four is a nice break of the pace, although it gets fishy when it comes to capturing stuff. The gunboats sent to disable targets barely manage. Equipped with a mag pulse, they derp when doing attacking run often not shooting their guns at all or even straight colliding with the target. On hard difficulty you really need to give them a hand with taking down the shields. The same applies to the last mission! Story wise, it's quite okay. I think I can see some ties to XWA-TC 1 here. It's an okay one to fly.
 LCM Lo Mar
    rating: 3
 It was solidly ok. The story is actually pretty tightly constructed and well told, it's basically an anti-pirate action. The missions themselves vary. There's lots and lots of capture objectives, so expect to spend a lot of time waiting, especially if you didn't trigger arrival conditions properly. Also, not a fan of vague mission objectives. It's not clever guys.
 GN Doyon
    rating: 4
 The battle was a challenge, yet I had fun playing it. Some missions are frustrating and the last one is taking some time to complete, but they were well done. The storyline could be a bit more meaty though, as we don't fully get the motivation of everyone. The weakest part for me is using ships that aren't part of the EH...I just don't get it.
 LCM JetMech
    rating: 3
 I really enjoyed the missions on this one. The story was interesting. The only thing I will say for the mechanical aspect of this is in the last two missions, you have to spend a good amount of time waiting for other ships to complete docking procedures. This is probably different when you play on a difficulty other than easy, to be fair. All in all it was an enjoyable way to spend an hour or so.
 RA Zekk Terrik
    rating: 3
 I thought this one was pretty fun too! A couple issues in here however: number one, trying to force a race of people into negotiations to become Imperial citizens is a direct rip off of the TIE Fighter storyline. Secondly, I believe on mission three, some freighters enter the battle area and hyper directly through a Star Destroyer. And easy fix, to be sure, and it didn’t really affect the mission or storyline in any way but it was something I noticed almost immediately as it was happening. There were lots of dogfights, to be sure, which is something I really love even if I kind of suck at them, but the fact remains – why are we trying to force people into an alliance with the Empire? Are we really that unlikeable? Did we even TRY diplomacy first before attempting to put brave Imperial men and women’s lives on the line? So much violence. :(
 GN Elwood the Brave
    rating: 4
 The story of the battle was quiet nice. The overall pace of the missions was not bad, even though the waiting in the last mission was a bit long. Overall an interesting mission and 5 well earned FCHG points.
 CM Ark-illos
    rating: 4
 Nice and fun battle. The last mission makes a "break" in the battle "fast spirit" but I loked the whole a lot
 LT Mahak de Lay
    rating: 3
 Spelling and Grammar are the two main points. Well scripted mission briefings and in-flight comms would add that extra polish.
 LT Kal J'qan
    rating: 3
 Lots of fun, but at times the large numbers of low-skilled AI enemy fighters gets a little repetitive. Also, the positioning of craft in each mission is very two-dimensional. On the whole, it's not too bad a battle, but it's nothing amazing, either.
 LCM Alan Makhlar
    rating: 4
 Great battle, lots of fun. I only dont give it a five because I tend to only give that to those battles that are truly revolutionary.
 LCM Danel
    rating: 4
 Good battle and very interesant Dogfights; I dont have find the last battle so long; 19 min for me.The thing is to attack the unmanned ships with the laser(after eliminated the fighter defense)to down the shields,the Gunboat help you with Mag torpedos and when the shields are at minimum the GUN disabled the ships.That´s all; is automatic.The captures are very fast, some seconds for the whole station or the Frigates.Again: good battle
 COL Rau Aznable
    rating: 3
 A repetitive battle, which can be quite difficult in hard. Fighting pirate heavy fighters all the time eventually gets annoying. The last mission is particularly boring, given the long wait.
 CPT Alexi Stukov
    rating: 4
 I seemed to have skiped this battle over. When I played it, is was a refreshing site. Good amounts of fighting, nice plot, finally a race that doesn't kill Imperials. What gave it a 4 was it got repetative and in mission 4 it's no fun to go up against a VSD in a Defender.
 CPT Ulath
    rating: 4
 I havn't played XwA for a while, and I'd forgotten how intense the action can get. This is a most excellant battle, and the only time it failed me was when i ignored a message concerning Blastboats, who went on to destroy a few Cap Ships we were meant to be protecting, but I pinned it the second time `round :P 4 outta 5 for this, keep up the good work.
 CM Michal Herok
    rating: 3
 Very simple battle and nice
 SL Jagged Fel
    rating: 3
 Not bad, missions are a lot alike.
 LC Curtis
    rating: 4
 Nice battle pretty well made too, this was one of my first XWA battles and I can say its one of the best so far, Good for the early stuff :)
 LCM Hape Unger
    rating: 3
 Nice Battle! In the last mission I´d prefer less capture and more kills :-)
 LT Hakavay
    rating: 3
 This mission was interesting...not so hard, not so easy. Good luck dodging.
 MAJ Erryc Lasitter
    rating: 3
 Interesting battle. The last mission was a bit dull, but the rest of the battle made up for it. Overall, good job.
 HA Striker
    rating: 3
 Hmmmm.... correction needed but with them quite enjoyable missions, ecxcept first three are quite the same, and that capture operations take ages...
 LCM Apophix
    rating: 4
 Great battle and it's not to hard alough there are some long waits in some missions but good Fun and i dont see why people complian there hard if they were easy what would be the point ? Great stuff
 CPT Damon Kast
    rating: 3
 Good battle. But you get a certain sense of Deja Vu when playing the missions they all just seem the same.
 LC Archon
    rating: 3
 The last mission was an absolute breeze, I barely participated before everything was dead. Other than that, very enjoyable, mostly due to its difficulty through the other mission which kept me on my toes. I noticed that(at least the first three missions) the missions were all just a slight variation on the last. A time-saving idea, but when noticed it does reduce the quality of the battle.
 LCM Shannon Knight
    rating: 4
 not bad, not bad. :) Lots of kills
 GN Sasquatch
    rating: 4
 Very enjoyable battle! I've read some complaints that it was too difficult ... well, I've played MUCH worse than this. This is nothing compared to FCHG 1 or TC-TIE 120. Also, another complaint seems to be that you spend a lot of time waiting ... again, I didn't really have a problem with this. The storyline may not be revolutionary, but it certainly serves to carry the action in a satisfying way. Overall, I recommend you fly this one, and I can't understand why it has received such low ratings in the past.
  Ensun Kelric
    rating: 3
 Average storyline, lot's of dogfighting... It may get a bit boring killing all those helpless pirates. Capturing may take a while, so have some reading material available.
 LT Aurek
    rating: 2
 Whoa! A very hard battle this one, namely the first and last missions. In the first Mission there is about five Tie Advanced against 10 times that amount of enemy fighters [not very realistic] and the capturing took ages. Although it had a good story and variation of missions.
 GN Kaerner
    rating: 3
 Lots of dogfighting, but when you're in a defender, it's not really fair. They keep coming, and they keep dying. More radio chatter would be appreciated as well.
 LC Dafner Gelak
    rating: 2
 I would like to give this a good mark for it having a good story to it, and a variety of missions. Alas, I can do no such thing. Some missions border on impossible, and not everyone in the fleet could complete them. Also, some missions are inacurate. I mean, how can five T/As be the most amount of fighters an ISD would send in, I don't think so. Thats bout it
 CPT Raistlin
    rating: 2
 Reaaaaaaly hard mission. The capturing at the end took forever.. better have a book handy for this one.
 CPT Bret K'thraz
    rating: 3
 This is a cool one, with lots of dogfighting. Could have less capture and more destruction though :)
 SA Kawolski
    rating: 3
 This is a difficult battle and the last two missions really drag on in length.