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Reviews for XvT-TC 3

 LT Wolve Excelsior Berkana
    rating: 3
 The first few missions were "meh", but the final mission all made up for it for me. The strike on the ships and station were very satisfying. Other missions were frustrating because you finish the enemy off and then have to sit around waiting for the rest of the ships to finish their missions. Not great but not bad either.
 CPT Gytheran
    rating: 2
 I flew this as part of Raise the Flag competition 2021. Overall, the battle seemed straightforward with no major hang-ups. There is not much to say about it. It was fun but the battle did not contain any elements that makes it stand out from nearly every other battle you have ever flown.
 COL Phalk Sturm
    rating: 4
 Not the best of battles in the Compendium, but certainly an enjoyable one. The missions have that classic touch and were soundly put together, producing an overall pleasant experience. The whole campaign happens inside a GUNs cockpit, and I can't say I am unhappy about it. I love the War Mule. Short, well made and fun to fly.
 LC acetiepilot
    rating: 3
 Not a bad little set of missions. For the most part, it's all dogfighting. Most missions can be completed rather quickly. A decent battle for newer XvT members to fly. No bugs found.
 COL Genie
    rating: 4
 This battle doesnt try to do anything too fancy but what it does, it at least does it well. Having said that, it is a bit strange that TIE Bombers and TIE Fighters also pop in as your enemy without any real explanation. They were after all clearly Rebels and not a defecting Admiral or anything along those lines.
 CM andr3
    rating: 3
 Pretty easy missions. Quick to play through. Basically shoot down all enemy craft. The last mission is just a tad bit more interesting. You have to take out a cruiser as well.
 CPT Witcher
    rating: 4
 Quick and easy. Perhaps too easy regarding objectives (on Easy mode - regardless; on higher difficulties - if you manage your squadron correctly). Not much of a story, but not many bugs either. Only one thing annoyed me: in mission 4 you launch directly at the ISD, so you have to evade as soon as you're in-game... which is strange for starting position and vector placement. Thus... 4. Though slightly leaning towards 3+.
 CPT Solohan50
    rating: 3
 I played these on Easy. There's nothing really special about these fights. You're a Gunboat in all 4 and you just kill lots of fighters while protecting some ships picking up containers. Nothing ever really got close to causing any damage in the escort missions. The fights were fine and were better than other missions I've played, but that's about it. Edit - I played these missions again on Easy for another competition. I stand by my original opinion of this battle.
 GN Stryker
    rating: 4
 An enjoyable battle, if a little short and simple. The Gunboat is my favourite Imperial craft to fly after the TIE Advanced, so having the opportunity to fly it four missions in a row was nice.
 MAJ Gustan
    rating: 3
 Fun battle - otherwise pretty easy. Would have enjoyed flying something other than a GUN though.
 LT stevenpowell
    rating: 5
 raced to shuttle hawk for the bonus transfer fired my ion cannons but the lasers were transfered.damn things!.,
 CPT Marenac
    rating: 4
 Great job. It was fun to play and lots to blow up. How come the rebels were using T/Bs in mission 3? :P
 LCM Danel
    rating: 4
 Good battle,some minor mistakes in the ISD weapons(ISD dont had Concussion Missiles),and maybe the author had some confussion about the roles of some crafts.GUN are not designed as fighters;his role is offensive strike missions against enemy convoys and fleet crafts.That´s specially true in the second mission;in this mission a T/F or a T/I was more adapted.As example we cannot intercept a anti-ship strike of bombers with a anti-submarine S-3A Viking.F/A-18 or F-14 fighters is the natural choice.Each craft was designed for a particular role.
 CPT Daar Skeloria
    rating: 4
 Not a masterpiece, just a good, enjoyable mission. I felt just like I did when playing TIE Fighter for the first time. Even though I HATE gunboats :)
 LT Teos
    rating: 3
 Thats a good one! I like it!
 LC Curtis
    rating: 4
 First XvT battle i've flown, and pretty good one too.
 LC Chris Cox
    rating: 4
 A very good battle in my opinion
 SL A.J "Tainer" Brown
    rating: 4
 Great battle- weird name of craft CARG: Yub Yub. COR TRANS:Sidios with its cargo as Dark Jedi?
 LT Ty Bismark
    rating: 4
 Kinda easy, and not enough options for craft. All in all well developed, and sweet story line.
 LT Kiptan Irtor
    rating: 4
 Very fun battle. Well-rounded, and lots of action. It was suprisingly easy sometimes though.
 LCM Leon Mehoff
    rating: 4
 I really like this battel although it was veary easy but the last mission had a lot of action.(Nice work :)
 CM Riccardo Grazioli
    rating: 4
 Excelent battle. Maybe a little too easy but of course, the ISD Immortal does have the best pilots in the fleet :-)
 LCM Kaymin D'Varak
    rating: 4
 This battle was not hard but had a good storyline I don't know why these words are coming out of me a ten year old. LT Kaymin D'varak