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Reviews for XvT-TC 2

 RA Zekk Terrik
    rating: 1
 I tried this mission out for the first time and was honestly just very whelmed by it. I am not really an X Wing versus TIE Fighter fan, mostly because I suck at it and there is no cheating option, so I play it sparingly at best. The missions were all super basic, with basically a just a lot of dog fighting. Do not get me wrong, I am all about blowing up as many Rebels as possible, but I am still not sure what murderer I was even capturing. Honestly, the plot made very little sense. I flew it on easy and it was pretty manageable – blowing up X Wings and A Wings and a platform were basically the toughest things you had to do. I would recommend this to someone looking for some easy BSF points as I finished the last mission in about 90 seconds with the help of my solid wingmates.
 LCM Lo Mar
    rating: 3
 The missions were all pretty basic, basically just blast a squadron or less of fighters. The objectives were usually narrowly tailored to that too, minus the third mission. I also didn't care for some of the loadout choices between missions. But overall, it told a coherent if short story and the missions were decent.
 CM Jack Wynand
    rating: 4
 Solid dogfighting, I enjoyed each scenario.
 CPT Marenac
    rating: 4
 Great job. There were a lot of dogfights and lots of rebels to destroy. Unfortunantley my wingmen always ended up getting blown up near the start of the battle. Oh well, who needs them? :P
 LCM Danel
    rating: 3
 Fair battle, some phantasies with the capital ships weapons;CRV,ISD,CRS or platforms dont have Concussion missiles launchers.Only SSDs,ESCs,VSDs,GSPs and some M/CRV(Assassin Class) are so equiped. History is good and plot too, sometimes, very intensive dogfights.
 SL Jagged Fel
    rating: 3
 Fairly good. I thought the hardest mission was number 1. The story line was fairly good and I liked the way your wingmen were high leveled.
 CPT Fallien Skull
    rating: 3
 Not too bad, I have flown better, but also flown alot worse. Good potential
 LT Apex Cure
    rating: 1
 Bah! I don´t like it. To many bugs etc. Sorry
 CPT Tyanis Slyth
    rating: 4
 I think it was a pretty fun battle. The English in the briefing was very bad but the missions were enjoyable.
 LT Allco
    rating: 3
 Simple missions, not too easy, some mission goals need to be reviewed.
 HA Ender mBind
    rating: 1
 a real "home made" battle in many ways, unbalanced, reversed (from hard to easy. creating an anti-climax), buggy, platforms and CRLs that don't fire at you when they reasonably should, a collection of various free missions concerning Crusader Squadron without much of a connecting storyline and apparently unfinished (last mission notes that the VSD will join us for the following missions... of which there are none:)
 LC Phoenix Man
    rating: 3
 Nothin special here. Second mission was too difficult if played on Hard.
 LCM Dirk Dredd
    rating: 3
 Myself being a beginner I thought that it was easy enough for me to accomplish the mission goals, but challenging enough where the last two missions moved at a faster pace.
 SL Kitten-claw
    rating: 3
 Simple,but not to easy would make a nice training battle.
 LT Kiptan Irtor
    rating: 2
 Pretty Fun Battle! The Story Line could have been a little more carried out in the missions though.
 LCM Augustin Bodurka
    rating: 3
 Seemed to be a fighter kill fest. Still challenging and good for a new person to warm up on. The story line seems to get lost in the repetition of fighter attacks. Overall though, I enjoyed it.
 LCM Leon Mehoff
    rating: 4
 I HATE A WINGS but no prob it just made it a chalenge. Noce battle
 LCM Swifty Striker
    rating: 4
 I had alot of fun playing this one not very difficult plot but alot of pesky A-wings to destroy.
 CM Dvader
    rating: 1
 Well, I gave a bad mark to this battle, beacuse of three things: it was to easy, there was something wrong in objectives in last mission (you only had to destroy X-Wing's instead of capturing rebel leaders) and the missions were . . . ehmmm kind of boring. Maybe next part will be more interesting.
 LCM MadDog
    rating: 3
 Fun but very easy battle
 MAJ TopDawg
    rating: 1
 Well, I gave it a bad rating because it's not a very well put-together mission. There are plenty of bonus objectives in mission three, but when completed, you don't get points for them. And in all of the missions, your objective is to blow away a few starfighters.
 LCM Kaymin D'Varak
    rating: 4
 COL Brucmack
    rating: 3
 It's a fun battle, maybe a little bit easy, but still good. On some missions the goals could be a little better, in one mission you only have to destroy some fighters to accomplish the mission goals even though the real subject of the mission is a capture operation. Still, quite fun to play.
 COL Kermee
    rating: 3
 Nice, though a little on the easy side (many, high level wingman)