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Reviews for XvT-TC 1

 COL Phalk Sturm
    rating: 3
 This battle had an excellent idea behind it, but the crafting of missions was not thorough and far from solid. The gameplay is not very well balanced, and goals and orders are sometimes confusing. Besides that, most of missions require mindless dogfighting of swarms of enemies, which turned sour the overall playing experience. Sadly, this is not a good exemplary battle for those starting XvT in the Compendium, but alas! Do not despair! The best is yet to come as you progress down the long list of TC battles.
 CM andr3
    rating: 1
 some interesting ideas but badly implemented. mission 4 has a severly complicated chain of events that needs to be followed for the mission to succeed. thor arrives when strkc burthis is attacked and t-w revenge have arrived. tw revenge arrive when larkyon is attacked and tw striker have arrived. striker arrives when sutopia is boarded and klancka is disabled. klancka is supposed to board sutopia. klancka arrives when sutopia is disabled and hyclass has been boarded and sutopia arrives when hyclass is disabled. so leave sutopia alone until it has finished boarding hyclass. unfortunately no briefing nor mission goals tell you this.
 CPT SkyShadow
    rating: 2
 An enjoyable battle that will keep you on your toes dodging missiles and checking your targets and objectives. The missions are well made with reasonable quality mission briefings and debriefings. One where you do need to pay attention to the in-game dialog / log.
 LC acetiepilot
    rating: 3
 This battle has it's ups and downs. There are some good missions, and some not-so good missions.A fairly run-of-the-mill battle. Would have been a great coop set of missions. No bugs to report.
 LT stevenpowell
    rating: 5
 excessive force dodgy with those acquired launched missiles from the station factories until i got the strategy there - unwarranted ambush chapter,with"relentless must survive" as mission objective,endless -finale- ywing squadrons reentering THEN woah relentless damaged to 23%
 LT Xgmx
    rating: 0
 crashes on the CTF mission, and when it don't, it will never let u win, all roads don't lead to victory, in fact none do
 COL Talons Pryde
    rating: 2
 Not very good translation into XvT. The TIE version was much better. (TIE TC 077)
 LCM Danel
    rating: 4
 Good balanced battle with some details here and there;some fantasies with the warhead systems: for example ISD type had not Concussion Missiles launchers and FRG,DREAD and ISD also are not equiped with Proton Torpedo launchers. I dont like the parameters"Invincible" or "Double Missiles"in some missions.In mission 4 the STRKCs dont respond fire and the history with all this SHUs is a little complicated but that work.Mission 5 ,the more difficult and maybe with the last one also the most interesants.Good done work
 LT Paladin
    rating: 1
 Out of flavor with Imperial operations, never would such things happen! Too much waiting in one mission, "Return to the Avenger?" Do you mean the "Relentless?" Gah!
 MAJ Fox Malloy
    rating: 4
 All around good battle. I did enjoy the one mission where you had to disable both the Verpine and Barabel STRKC. Like I said before, well made.
 COL Mad Hatter
    rating: 4
 Very demanding missions, many Rebels to kill. I enhoyed flying this battle very much. We need more like it.
 CM Phantom
    rating: 5
 Being the first mission I've flown, this beats any mission that is programmed in the XvT game. Keep up the gos work!
 CPT Ibram Gaunt
    rating: 5
 I found it injoyable. Specially mission 4. It took me two times for reasons i'm sure others know about already, But if ya do what your told, the mission is a blast.
 CPT Tyanis Slyth
    rating: 1
 Okie, for mission 4, it took me 35 minutes of pointless waiting to fail the mission because of a bug. Not fun
 MAJ Falcon
    rating: 1
 I got realy mad when i did everyting in mission 4 and nothing happend what is the point of mission 4 and where are the ships that are spoused to meet with the SHU to complet mission Not that great of a mission. :(
 HA Ender mBind
    rating: 1
 Besides that I never got to see the insides of mission 4 (utter crash) I thought this to be a badly constructed battle for several reasons, one being that the first mission is _very_ simmular to the famed "Ewok Pizza" mission that comes with XvT anyway (Imperial 2 Player Warhead interception)... which is why I could beat it in exactly the same way (disable+ignore 1 transport). The 1 is there for the storyline, which is more solid then most (even tho it reminds of one of the first battles in tie.)
 CM Death Knight
    rating: 5
 woo.. i didn't know the relentless could survive on 1% health :P
 LC Phoenix Man
    rating: 2
 Some missions were really tough and long, while others were about 3 minutes. Briefing the player better is a needed improvement.
 LCM Viet
    rating: 3
 The missions were a bit strange, especially the "Capture the Flag", in which most of my time is spent waiting and watching. Some missions were overwhelming: waves after waves of rebels with only a handful of TIE ships to defend. A few missions I logged more than 20 kills and still lost the mission!
 LT Kiptan Irtor
    rating: 4
 Good, challenging battle. Lots of fighters to shoot down. The missions could have been a little more even as far as difficulty. It seemed like the first 3/4 missions were much easier then the last two.
 LCM Augustin Bodurka
    rating: 3
 Not to bad, lots of fighters to take on. I'm new and found the last two missions challenging. I also find the fact that no score for some of the bonus objectives was unfortunate. But keep up the good work! I did enjoy the storyline as well.
 CM Zack Amberam
    rating: 2
 Cool battle!
 LT Juan Cortes
    rating: 4
 Excelent battle
 LC Linkan
    rating: 2
 I didn't find this battle to be all that special, and frankly, I enjoyed flying this battle more in the TIE version.
 LT Solaris
    rating: 5
 This was a fantasic battle. Nicely balanced missions which really challenged.
 CM Reza
    rating: 2
 Follow you orders to the bone in this battle. I suggest you press G to keep the mission obejectives screen up so you can keep track of what you have to do. Some missions in this one are hard, just remeber to complete your objectives and dont stray off.
 CPT Crowe
    rating: 2
 Man that was a hard battle!
 FA Marcin Szydlowski
    rating: 4
 I only played the first mission yet but what can i say, job well done. Many rebel starfighers to destroy, that's what i call real combat!!!
 LT Raven Arestar
    rating: 4
 Great Battle, Enjoyed it very much, Would have prefered if more ppl attacked me. Overall Great Battle for a Average person.
 COL Brucmack
    rating: 4
 Very good, mission 4 stands out as one of the most interesting XvT missions I've ever played, lots of double-crossing and other interesting stuff. Check it out :)
 COL Kermee
    rating: 4
 good battle.. if easy on some settings.. as allways.. tie to XvT cons aint entirly sucessfull