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Reviews for TIE-TC 24

 CM Frenchie6
    rating: 1
 Not great. A solid spam battle, but the mission runs real weird. Why was everything in all caps? I lost the thread of the story line real quick.
 LCM Lo Mar
    rating: 1
 Hoo boy. It's particularly cruel that I was coming off Shadow in Time, which was the single best story and mission design in TIE I'd ever seen. This just doesn't compare. The story is actually more inferred than told, the missions are very basic... not too memorable.
 LCM SkyShadow
    rating: 1
 I don't know what just happened...? But it happened within five minutes flat. Press the 'G' key, look up what to destroy and then simply pull your trigger... battle done.
 FA Jarek La’an
    rating: 3
 A distinctly below average battle, most remarkable for the speed if its potential completion. While its preferable to not have to sit for lengthy periods awaiting goal completion, flying a fully armed up missile boat against low level threats for multiple missions unfortunately becomes repetitive and unmemorable. Not terrible, despite a few minor issues, but not one I would refly.
 LC Rando
    rating: 2
 A very short, quick, easy battle. The quick pace is refreshing after some long battles. Getting a decent score is also quite easy. For all missions, you fly a missile boat against a few dozen fighters and a capital ship or two. The briefings maps are okay, but there doesn't seem to be any real plot and the officer doesn't explain anything. It's kind of fun to zoom around using the SLAMs and tractor beam to blast away fighters, but there's not much substance here. There's even a few minor bugs along the way, too. Overall it's mildly entertaining but still below average.
 HA Anahorn Dempsey
    rating: 2
 The Missile Boat is the wrong choice of player craft for this one. With a full load of bombs or rockets, taking out enemy caps is a piece of cake, leaving you plenty of missiles to finish off enemy fighters. Good MIS missions are harder to make than you think. But give the player a T/D and this one becomes only tedious.
 RA Phoenix Berkana
    rating: 4
 Decent mission - the plotline is unique in my experience and the notion of flying in the place of a Sector Admiral is rather cool. Objectives can be easily met, although mission #2 can take a few attempts, and in my opinion the missile load out should be prioritised towards heavier ordinance.
 COL Rau Aznable
    rating: 1
 The briefings are poor (briefing maps with only one page), and you have some capital ships acting like fighters on some of them (ISD chasing fighters, etc...). The last mission is the only one that offers any challenge.
 CM Andrew
    rating: 4
 An exciting battle, a bit too easy though...
 COL Dan Malaktos
    rating: 4
 Fun battle, playing in a CS position, gives all us low pilots something to dream of.