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Reviews for TIE-TC 2

 CM Epicedion
    rating: 3
 Fun battle. There's a little bit of luck in one of the later missions where depending on your positioning you can end up a little too far away to take care of some B-Wings before they take down your ship, but that mission is still a pretty good defense mission.
 CM Solohan50
    rating: 4
 I tried to play on Medium initially and ended up playing on Easy. These missions are definitely difficult. The missions are fairly varied, as are the ships you pilot. You often have threats on opposite ends that need to be dealt with. On Easy, these fights are simple but they get much harder on Medium and above. The story was relatively coherent but the briefings were lackluster. Also, I'm not sure if this is just a limitation of building missions in TIE but the voiceover sound effects were all over the place and pretty useless.
 MAJ Graf D‘Jinn
    rating: 4
 I give this a solid four. The missions were generally well thought out and fairly balanced, with the exception of a couple (notably the final) being quite difficult, and the usage of different TIE models being all over the place. The story was solid.
 LC Genie
    rating: 5
 Well-polished and well-designed battle. I could tell by the pathing and the hyperspace in and out of some major ships on how well placed the ships were. To enjoy the most of this battle, when you first play it, do not attempt to hit the high score. Just complete the missions. It deserves this much. Once you have completed it at least once, then go ahead and chase high scores. Otherwise you will not do it justice. The difficulty on hard varies from mission to mission, but I welcome difficulty. Overall, it deserves a 5. I did notice some minor bugs / problems but knowing how difficult it is to finding and ridding of every little permutation of a bug, I really didn't mind. There is enough ship and mission variation and the sense of epicness in some of the missions was achieved. The briefing was also polished and proper. Nothing felt rushed. The only nitpick, two of the missions felt a bit out of place (storywise).
 LC Alejandro Araujo
    rating: 5
 I actually enjoyed this. You have to work hard your way through some of the missions, but you truly have a chance to unleash the wrath of the Empire upon the rebels! 5/5. Would fly it a third time.
 CPT Drake Starfire
    rating: 5
 LT Kelvin Ray
    rating: 4
 Good, mission. Got a little annoying when the capitol ships had starfighter orders, but every mission was beatable and fun. Good storyline and plot.
 LT Tirna Q'jira
    rating: 4
 I enjoyed the battle. It wasn't terribly hard, nor awkwardly easy. It was worth the points, though I'll admit it dragged on a bit in places in terms of plot and such. Other than that, good job!
 LT Stewie
    rating: 3
 There's nothing really wrong with this battle. The fun factor is there, but not enough for a score of 4 or higher IMO.
 CM Zeke Freeman
    rating: 5
 Excellent battle!
 COL Moagim Daar
    rating: 5
 What a battle! Good plot line, great mission designs. I recommend it to every pilot!
 CPT Dujhod
    rating: 4
 An enjoyable battle. Loses a point for tons of technical errors (e.g., starships with starfighter orders, ships holding steady for the entire mission, etc.) and an uncreative plot. I'd give it a 3.5.
 COL Jeron Darkonis Astoris
    rating: 2
 I suppose the overall effort wasn't bad, but I agree with one of things another reviewer said. It's just really roughing up captial ships. Occasionally, you do have to worry about mines and starfighter defense, but that usually isn't a problem when you're flying a TIE Defender anyway. Oh well.... not bad.
 LT Big-J-Q
    rating: 2
 A playable battle; Nothing too bad but also nothing too interesting. Some missions reek of killkillkill, but fortunately not too much. I could almost say that the biggest problem was that the battle was a bit amateurish: spelling errors, briefing design errors, starships with starfighter orders and so on.
 LC Curtis
    rating: 5
 blillant this is the best one ive played so far i liked the mission with the mine a good challange
 LCM Tacky
    rating: 3
 This battle was pretty good. Some of the missiosn were pretty fast-paced. I recommend this to anyone who needs a little rush during the weekend....
 LT Diakonov
    rating: 2
 Rather interesting I must say.
 LT Harrison
    rating: 3
 My first Battle via Emperour's Hammer; very good; although the idea of having nearly every enemy fighter going after you (including Corellian Corvette) did anoy me a bit. But the last few mssions were great!
 LCM Oorl Quygg
    rating: 4
 This Battle was so good, I had to fly it twice. I think the storyline is excelent and worth flying. What's keeping me from giving it a 5 is that in a couple of the missions, about 6 A-wings target me, and destroy me.
 LC Adolf
    rating: 3
 Good battle, with many targets to kill (i love torpedo runs!), balanced difficulty and a good plot. The story is not clear at some point, but the battle is still amusing.
 LT TK-9135
    rating: 2
 It was kind of okay. I mean, there were no bugs, but at first it was nice and hard, then it got to the point where it only took 1 try and 5 minutes to finish a mission. Nice battle for rookies though...like me :)
 COL Mosh
    rating: 3
 My first battle from EH. I had no real problems with most of the primary objectives, mission 2 though!.. with support this useless who needs rebels shooting at you? :)
 LC DS-61-4
    rating: 2
 I agree with CPT Dan Malaktos, all of these early battles are annoying.
 CPT Devin McCloud
    rating: 4
 Nice, difficult battle... Took me 10+ tries to beat mission 4, but I got it done... I suggest this battle to those who want a real challenge.
 COL Fenn Logan
    rating: 4
 This was a tough battle and missions 3 and 4 were particularly nasty furballs!
 COL Dan Malaktos
    rating: 2
 All of these early battles are annoying :P
 LCM Pain_then_Death
    rating: 3
 it's ok apart from level 4 theres not alot of rockets
 GN Drake
    rating: 4
 Not bad..Lots of capital ships to destroy.. No real problems i could see..A credit to the designer
 CM Slothman
    rating: 2
 This Battle isn't to hard, other than mission 4 which is the hardest mission I've ever flown, happy flying
 MAJ Calvin Senzin
    rating: 3
 This is a fun battle, with a lot of Rebel capital ships and installations to take out. However, I can't give this a 4 or 5, mainly because of shoddy execution at times (radio chatter popping up when it isn't supposed to, etc.) and the play balance is a bit out of whack at times (mission 4, come on DOWN! :-P). All in all, however, this a battle you'll want to fly if you haven't already.
 HA Zsinj
    rating: 4
 This battle was very good it allowed for a challenge and was able to depict a battle I think everyone would like to fly in.