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Reviews for TIE-free 28

 MAJ Robert Hogan
    rating: 3
 A decent and straight-forward mission to protect an escort shuttle from Rebel attack. Not particularly difficult, but enjoyable nonetheless. The AI don’t seem to want to attack the shuttle much, so you have a fair amount of time before any real damage is done to the shuttle.
 CPT Aardvark
    rating: 4
 It's a decent mission to kill some time. Fairly fun with simple goals of protect the shuttle but you have to be quick to prevent it from getting destroyed early on. I was happy to see the tug arrive to save the day!
 FA Turtle Jerrar
    rating: 3
 This is a quick mission to complete if you have some familiarity with TIE Fighter and the concepts of target prioritization. Keep your Shuttle safe! Three points, mission works as expected and is straightforward.
 CM Xye
    rating: 3
 This one can be easy if you know what you’re doing - I don’t so it wasn’t terribly easy. You escort a shuttle until the Avenger shows up as described, but it’s definitely more than just “shoot two A-Wings.” It's two flights of X-Wings and A-Wings. OK, so maybe not much more, but enough for me.
 COL Impulse
    rating: 2
 Too simple mission. But thera re no bugs.
 COL Beef
    rating: 1
 This mission was much too easy; no challenge at all. Kill the two A-wings and there's nothing left to threaten the mission goals.
 SL Lazarus
    rating: 5
 a great mission. kept nice and simple but still fun to play.
 COL Benjamin Jahou Morgan
    rating: 5
 very funny mission,well thought mission, an easy mission, very good work.