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Reviews for TIE-free 8

 MAJ Wreckage
    rating: 3
 Shirt and easy mission. I think this Free Mission would be a good one for a new member in the EH or anyone who is looking at getting into EH battles.
 MAJ Hermann
    rating: 4
 I forgive some details in the design only to be one of the first missions made. Havent sense start near colliding with the Factory as I do the first time. The idea isnt bad and when was released wasnt repetitive as now. Enjoyable free
 LC Genie
    rating: 3
 Short battle, whereby you need to be fast in both identifying the various FGs and also protecting the relevant ships from the enemy. Since you are fighting the rebels I am not sure why the ships you were fighting against were not rebel-style ships...
 GN Earnim Branet
    rating: 3
 It is an easy mission, but also challenging because you have to fight and at the same time meet secondary objectives to get the maximum score. You have to get away quickly from the factory and go immediately to inspect the objectives of the mission. Primary objectives can be completed quickly without fighting. In the secondary we must use our pilot skills to prevent them from destroying us while we finish the inspections. An easy and quick entertaining mission, but to which we can also increase the difficulty if we wish.
 LC Alejandro Araujo
    rating: 2
 At first, it got my attention as to how's that possible SFS being the main starfighter provider for the Empire and participating on R&D projects, would lack adequate escort on its facilities. You jump kinda close to the factory so heads up there and pull away ASAP. You can actually win this one by merely inspecting the vessels...so quick FCHG points there. Now, if you want to make some score then there is some cannon fodder there ...
 COL Impulse
    rating: 3
 You can crash into the FAC right after start due to close starting position. If you fail the mission you get mission completed messages. But overall its not bad and nicely done mission.
 COL Hawkins
    rating: 2
 You can 'complete' the mission without firing a single shot. Yes, to score points, you have more to do, but this means there is no jeopardy in continuing - no way to lose, failing flying into one of the ships you must ID.
 GN Anahorn Dempsey
    rating: 0
 I find the FO debriefs you with a conclusion completely out of thin air. And as said - it's way too easy. Just ID a few ships. Oh wait - that's exactly what the original Battle 1 Mission 1 was...
 COL Rau Aznable
    rating: 3
 Just like George Lucas made the special edition of the original Star Wars movies, Ronin upgraded the first mission of Tie Fighter with better ships and weapons. There's a bigger challenge, since you'll be dogfighting Tie Defenders such as yourself. Nevertheless, completing it is just as easy as in the original mission.
    rating: 3
 This is my first battle that I completed for EH.. pretty cool.. lol.. I just like blowing the #&%% out of X-Wings!! lol COOL
 COL Beef
    rating: 4
 Good plot though it's similar to the mission that comes with TIE Fighter.
 VA Wlodek
    rating: 5
 I like this convertion of the orginal TF mission.