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Reviews for TIE-free 5

 LCM Wreckage
    rating: 1
 Super easy mission. I guess if you never flown a mission this one would be a decent one to start to see how the process is to do a mission. But don't blink, because it will be over before you know it.
 LT LouisdeFuines
    rating: 0
 Very boring mission. Won`t fly again.
 MAJ Robert Hogan
    rating: 1
 Echoing what's already been said here, this mission is ridiculously easy. The only objective is destroying a few transports, so there's not much you have to (or can) do. This was the first time I had played the TIE Fighter game and even then was a piece of cake. Easy FCHG point, but wouldn't recommend it for enjoyment in the least.
 GN Doyon
    rating: 0
 As everyone pointed out, most likely the easiest mission you can play here. It's ridiculous. Saving the Empire by killing 3 MUTR Transports that are attacking an ISD? That's genious.
 MAJ Genie
    rating: 0
 Everyone was talking about this mission on Discord. On how it was simple, fast etc etc. I must say, even though it takes a grand total of 30 seconds to complete it, all those 30 seconds are a waste of time. Fly this only if you are a completionist, otherwise just stay away. A well deserved 0 out of 5. Worthless.
 COL Silwar Naiilo
    rating: 1
 Perfect mission to play on a simulator while piloting your TIE/IN.
 HA Anahorn Dempsey
    rating: 0
 Way too easy. You start way too close to a starship under attack by a handful of transports (?). Kill all three, and mission won. This is a bad example of a free mission. Free missions should have a little ingenuity and take a little effort to win. This one was over before I realized I'd started....
 LC Alejandro Araujo
    rating: 2
 Well I have to be honest here. From a certain point of view, it could be considered as silly since you just kill a couple MUTRs and that's pretty much all about it. Quick FCHG points if you would. However on its defense, let me state that if we are to be "realistic" somehow, then sometimes missions doesn't have to be complicated or large battles, sometimes it is routine work like this one. On the tactical side, I don't get who on its right mind would use two MUTRs to hit one SSD unless you've got an ace up your sleeve - which could have been a nice touch for this mission. Another issue is the SSD doesn't fire back at the transports and you just jump in from hyperspace I mean , doesn't the mighty SSD Executor have fighters on its own at any given time? so 2/5 for this.
 LC Tempest
    rating: 0
 Shouldn't even be on the compendium.
 GN Master
    rating: 1
 Meh, quick FCHG point.
 COL Rau Aznable
    rating: 0
 This mission shouldn't even be here! It's too fast, you can even complete it by doing nothing. You just get there and see 3 transports get powned. If a medal was given for creating a mission back in those days, then making something like this is the lazy way to get it.
 CM Strahl
    rating: 1
 All I can say is easy. You against three ships that don't fight back and are slower than a space slug. On top of that you have two wingmen and they're TIE Defenders! Thanks for the easy points, Dorja.
 LC Guthwulf
    rating: 1
 This is one of those, I havent flown T/F in years and I want to brush up on how to play kind of missions. Very easy indeed, kill 3 craft and go home.
 LC Curtis
    rating: 0
 easy would be a understatement this is about 15 seconds
 MAJ Erryc Lasitter
    rating: 1
 Ummm...I'll give it a rating of the FCHG Points it is worth...1. Hehe.
 CPT Dujhod
    rating: 0
 There are a grand total of three flight groups (ten craft) in this mission. The object: use torpedoes to destroy the three enemy MUTRs. Did I mention that they don't shoot back?
 LT Arwyn Fox
    rating: 1
 I laughed when I finished this one in the first 20 - 30 seconds of flying. "You have saved the Empire!"... by destroying 3 tugs? :P
 COL Jacob Van Nowak
    rating: 1
 LIke I always say if its a easy FCHG point it always gets above a 1, unless it just stinks
 LT Satariel
    rating: 0
 Blah! Veeeeryyy easy... For me the easiest mission I've ever flown... I think the note is too high but there is no less... :PP
 CM Nic Rety
    rating: 0
 This was an extremely easy and lame mission. Quick FCHG point is all it is
 AD Troutrooper
    rating: 0
 This is by far the lamest FTIE ive ever flown. The primary goals are completed way too fast and then there's nothing else to do. It's a quick FCHG point, but a very good point.