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Reviews for XWA-TC 62

 HA Plif
    rating: 2
 The missions are well-designed with attention paid to where units are located and what their flight paths are. Mission 2 has several minutes where the player isn't really engaged in anything happening while the transports fly to the Hammer, missed opportunity there and throughout the battle to use in-mission messages to flesh out the story which didn't seem to be fleshed out as well as it could have been. No standout moments to make this one memorable.
 LT Crane Baxa
    rating: 1
 This battle is by far one of the hardest I ever done. Mainly because of the overwhelming amount of fighters that I could not believe. In fact, it is so numerous that it has more than enough problems to make me do TWICE an invulnerability on Mission 2 and 4 with Unlimited Warheads included on 4. In addition, the second mission if you fail it, you have to wait ten minutes before you do it again. Worse, the first mission, even if you do your orders, the ISD will most likely explode with the gunboats being killed very early on. The difficulty for these missions are to high, the number of fighters is ridiculous which on Mission 2 is the worst on it. The only reason this gets one point is due to the story involved, I enjoyed it and that is why I powered through it. Overall, you play this battle, it will test every bit of strength you have and honestly, it is to hard for the average pilot.