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Reviews for TIE-CAB 3

 MAJ Aardvark
    rating: 3
 Fast missions - except for one that needs Tx4- that were easy and fun. Last mission requires secondary objectives so pay attention to the briefing. There was very little challenge but this is a good battle if you're just going for quick mission completion.
 VA Phoenix Berkana
    rating: 2
 A very disjointed battle, the missions do not exactly flow into each other in the way one might expect. That said its relatively quick and easy to complete if in need or FCHG points or points for a spam contest. Mission goals in the final mission do take some getting used to as it's not what you'd expect!
 LCM Lo Mar
    rating: 1
 Yeah... this one was kind of a mess. The story is very disjointed, and the missions and their results don't really line up with what is supposed to happen, which completely breaks immersion. The logic behind goals in the missions is also pretty perplexing.
 FA Mark Schueler
    rating: 1
 It's only really good for spam flying competitions as the missions are fairly quick. They are mostly adapted from the original missions that come with the game. For some reason the last mission only has the Secret Order dude and so you need to the secondary goal instead of the primary.
 FA Jarek La’an
    rating: 1
 This mission suffers considerably from a lack of attention to detail and padding out of the missions themselves. In essence, two of the missions are completed simply by turning off the engines and increasing time acceleration to 4x - another mission simply requires an inspection to complete the secret orders. In addition, the briefings and layouts are unhelpful and do not clearly match the battle itself when flown. I would not recommend this battle for anything other than rapid FCHG and I would suggest time remains fixed at 4x.
 FA Giovanni Palermo
    rating: 1
 This was possibly the worst battle I have EVER flown, during my time in the TIE Corps. I can't even count the number of things I thought were wrong, or outright stupid about this battle. Some examples, include the ships that must be boarded, although they cannot be disabled... communications alerting you if deadly Y-Wings, although there are no Y-Wings in the mission AT ALL... and in the last mission, which was quite gorgeous, one of the primary objectives (although you must only complete the secondary objectives to win), is for a platform to be captured... the ISD I launched from, started shooting IT, and ME, and everyone else in the area, as soon as the ATR that was supposed to capture it had launched. Speaking of which, in a mission in which you're escorting transports, a Carrack Cruiser that arrives to receive the four transports, starts shooting you as soon as the second Modular Conveyor starts docking! I wouldn't recommend this battle to ANYONE, except someone who has flown every single battle but this one, or is looking to ruin a perfectly good day. 1/5, since you still get FCHG points for flying it.
 FA Brukhar
    rating: 4
 Pretty good. Anyone else notice the "Imperial Pilot" flying around without a ship in the last mission? >:P
 LC Tempest
    rating: 4
 The first mission has two flaws (one can't really call them bugs, but they're still annoying): There are two incompletable bonus goals (resulting from a craft that must be boarded but can't be disabled) and a missile counter overflow. Apart from that, the battle was good, but surely too easy for people who don't fly for points.
 COL Carl Lost
    rating: 3
 A fine plotline and not AS good but still very enjoyable battles and: NO BUGS ! :) However, I thought a CAB ought to have more missions :)
 AD Krax Tarnisar
    rating: 4
 This is a good, tight battle that is of interest to anyone wanting to know something about the 'history' of the EH. Some of the briefings are a tad thin, but that's to be expected in the early battles. A good fly!
 VA Wlodek
    rating: 4
 Although missions are simple converisons form orginal T/F missions CAB is v.OK with good plot and right number of imperial forces, so you don't have to act as "one man army" :P
 LC Gen Es'mith
    rating: 3
 Overall, a bit easy to fly, but a serious handicap exists without proper pre and post mission briefings as well as a briefing map for all of the missions