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Reviews for XWA-DB 9

 LC Phalk Sturm
    rating: 4
 Good battle, fun to fly. The plotline is even better than the flying itself in this one. Only one thing bothered me, as having all these cool bad-ass names for every flight group, having a FRG CookiePlanet just felt a bit ..., out of line, to say the least. But maybe it's an inside joke not for the uniniated. Also, the ending leaves you with a cliff-hanger. What happened to the Grand Master? Did he die? Is he still in a coma? DA Drak managed to rise to the Grand-Mastercy?
 COL Mouse Droid
    rating: 3
 Decent battle. Quick action, no patches required. If you want FCHG points, look no further. I found the first mission to be the most challenging, those thereafter were less demanding. It was a little simple in the fiction department, though. As it was created for a Vendetta, that's understandable. Nevertheless, this battle misses an opportunity as a Vendetta background has potential for a great story.