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Reviews for TIE-TC 12

 LT Wolve Excelsior Berkana
    rating: 3
 A good mix of shooting starfighters as much as possible and having to protect craft as they execute their objective. Whenever you have to wait for reinforcements though to finish a mission it can be a bit much. Don't forget Alt+T to make time go by faster as you wait.
 VA Phoenix Berkana
    rating: 3
 Fairly basic mission - shoot shoot and shoot the waves of enemy fighters that come in at you. You need to divide your time between those chasing you and those attacking the ships you need to protect. Nothing overly taxing and if you run with cheats and/or unlimited ammo it's a easy RtF battle to complete.
 CM Epicedion
    rating: 2
 Fairly basic, mostly just shooting down a few waves of fighters and replacements. This battle would be better if it had some variety in the fighters you flew rather than just sticking with the TIE Defender the whole way -- there are missions to handle some larger ships that would've been more fun if you were in something that couldn't do everything quite so well.
 CM Solohan50
    rating: 4
 I played on Medium. Normally I wouldn't give this battle such a high score, but I liked what this battle did. It's one of the first, early TIE missions that has useful and coherent briefings. I also REALLY appreciated that the creator specifically protects some enemy craft in the mission objectives so that the narrative makes sense. You're forced to keep capital ships alive because they show up in future missions. This battle is very easy and straightforward, but the creator clearly put a lot of thought into it and it shows.
 CM Colo Delste
    rating: 3
 An interesting concept, but a cakewalk, given you fly a T/D in every mission. Good for picking up points. Not sure how enemies were able to hyperspace away when there's 2 Interdictor-class cruisers on the field, which is an interesting oversight.
 COL Phalk Sturm
    rating: 4
 This battle is simple and easy. Unless you want to go for some bonus goals, which will require some endurance, the battle itself is straightforward. All about dogfighting and escorting. Remember to use your ions, since the Space Cadillac aka the T/D can do everything requested and more. Average battle, but well made and a classic. To be played after the best of the Compendium are already completed.
 MAJ Wreckage
    rating: 4
 This was a fun little battle. If you are looking for a quick battle to knock out fast and get a FCHG point, this is the one. If you want something challenging, then this is not the battle for you. Goals are easy, but it was still enjoyable.
 CPT Garyth Mantisa
    rating: 2
 Nice little battle. Rather short so 6 quick FCHG points. The given goals are easy to accomplish and often require no action by the player who just has to shoot down fighters. The tons of missiles get a bit annoying.
 CM JetMech
    rating: 3
 Seemingly odd story and missions 5/6 lag a little waiting for capture operations. All told it's a decent battle.
 LCM Lo Mar
    rating: 3
 Kind of a tedious, incremental mission design. I also found the premise of hunting down ships just full of "light Jedi" to be a little weird. 5/6 get especially tedious. Overall not hard or too time consuming, though.
 LC Alejandro Araujo
    rating: 4
 Easygoing battle, no real risks there, could be done without problems even on hard. Somehow fun...again making use of numerous dogfighting waves of fighters. There are moments where you are waiting for a condition to take place and until it triggers up you have nothing better to do than deal with the enemy fighters ...while somehow the enemies should be "connected" to the plotline so it is missing that part. Briefings are ok and the goals are clear...overall, 4/5. Quick FCHG points.
 LC Rando
    rating: 2
 A very simple, repetitive battle. Most missions involve waiting for a trigger or sequence to complete. Enemy fighters only serve to give you something to do in the meantime. Even on hard difficulty, you can fly off into space on 4x time acceleration and win 3 of the 6 missions. On easy, you can win them all that way, even if you send your wingmen home. The battle is functional, no major bugs, though some of the capital ships have improper behavior. The briefing and officer questions are adequate, similar in form to official missions. Attempting a decent score involves extra repetition of dogfighting multiple followup waves. Otherwise it's a passable battle for a quick BSF and nothing more.
 COL TK-7764
    rating: 2
 Fairly repetitive and unimaginative. Lots of dogfighting. Still, its bug free and actually pretty good for an old school TIE TC mission.
 CM Arlins Scabo
    rating: 3
 if you like to dogfight this is really good,no major bugs a good battle allround
 CPT Alexi Stukov
    rating: 4
 There are a few plot holes but it's still good. At least you get to vape a few Jedi scum.
 LCM Hape Unger
    rating: 3
 Well, I didnĀ“tlike the story but the dogfighting was fun.
 LCM Pedric Cuf
    rating: 5
 Alot of fun. Definately a battle for a dogfighter.
 LC Argon Viper
    rating: 5
 I loved this battle, all is is dogfighting, my favorite part of TIE Fighter. If you don't like dogfighting, don't do this battle. ::Starts humming to the Imperial March::
 LC DS-61-4
    rating: 3
 Personally, I did not think it was a bad battle at all. Though the fact that you had to hunt down Jedi was a little on the weird side. Okay, the storyline was horrible, but the mission creation wasn't bad. On a lighter note it wasn't repetitive, and a fairly good battle. I would give it a 2, but since I got a high score somehow, it got a 3:)
 LCM Pain_then_Death
    rating: 3
 SL Corran Horn
    rating: 2
 This is an average battle, which is why I only gave it 2. It's quite obvious that the author simply copied each mission through to the next and changed a few flight groups, because it is so repetitive. Although there are no bugs that I could see, 6 missions of basically the same thing (killing a lot of rebel fighters) is just too boring.