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Reviews for XvT-free 184

 CPT Xye
    rating: 3
 At first I was like "oh nice, some names I recognize!" but then I was like "oh no, some names I recognize." It was really fun to see 'VA Yoda' at the helm :) As for the battle itself, it's pretty trivial (on easy) to complete. As an avenger you're given what I now assume is your standard TIE Advanced and whatever overpowered ordinance you desire. Your job is to blow up some escort fighters and finally some cruisers/cap ships. No job is apparently too small for the Avengers - even that one cargo ship! Well worth it for the points.
 CPT Solohan50
    rating: 2
 I played on Easy. This mission has lots of bigger ships to kill, but you only need to focus the Frigate and Calamari Cruiser. This goes fairly quickly, so I didn't really see what else this mission has to offer.
 COL Genie
    rating: 4
 It's well crafted. It could have been a lot better and I am still wondering what those freighters were doing there. They are not an assault vehicle :D In any case, decent single mission. nothing great but well-crafted. The TUG at the beginning was quite smart as well and I liked the escort formation which definitely took some testing to get it right.
 COL Phalk Sturm
    rating: 3
 Nice mission about shooting down enemy fighters while your fellow GUNs sink capships and CARGs. It's a shame player has not a choice but to carry advanced missiles, giving a pure dogfighting approach to the mission. Anyways, it's a fast point of FCHG and worth a try.
 COL Rau Aznable
    rating: 2
 It had some humor at the beginning, but it's too simple and too easy.
 CPT Daar Skeloria
    rating: 4
 So did I :)
 HA Frodo March
    rating: 4
 Another excellent mission from Mouse. It was elaborate and it depicted our Fleet Commander very well, I enjoyed this mission and it was very, very well designed.