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Reviews for XvT-free 182

 CPT Xye
    rating: 2
 Turns out, on easy at least, the Vanguard probably could have taken care of itself. But, you're here to help, so you should probably take a gunboat and just go do your thing. It's not terribly difficult. It's not terribly fun. But it's not really terrible, either. Fly it for the points, not the story.
 CPT Solohan50
    rating: 2
 I played on Easy. I blinked and I missed this mission, it was over so quickly. You just need to melt an Interdictor, which is easy considering you have at least twice as many missiles as needed to kill the thing.
 COL Genie
    rating: 1
 This mission is a joke. Not sure why there are so many of them on the compendium. It takes me longer to load the mission than to complete it.
 COL Phalk Sturm
    rating: 3
 Quick and simple. This mission is about an assault run on an INT and some STRKC before they can sink your ISD. Fast point and worth a try.
 LCM Danel
    rating: 3
 Good mission; only maybe the aproach can be a little more longuer,the enemy is really very near and that make the mission very short
 LT Tirna Q'jira
    rating: 3
 It was a really short mission. Easy enough to beat, but not really a challenge. It felt more like a babysitting job than a mission.
 FA Brukhar
    rating: 4
 I'm actually playing my own mission now, and I like it. Sure, on Easy it takes about 30 seconds to complete the primary goal. But how for the secondary? About 5 more minutes. How about on Medium with secondary? About 7 minutes. And on hard, this battle takes nearly 15 minutes to kill all the enemies and accomplish your secondary goals.
 GN Abel Malik
    rating: 3
 This one isn't bad; however, it takes less than a minute to complete;p.
 HA Frodo March
    rating: 3
 The only thing preventing me from giving this a 4 is that it finished in 45 seconds. I wish that there were more goals.