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Reviews for TIE-ID 1

 COL Impulse
    rating: 1
 This battle have everything bad battle should have. Only good plot gives it 1 point.
 CM TK-9780
    rating: 1
 Not really a battle with high points, then again there wasn't even any fairly good points, more the battle to play just for the FCHG points.
 COL Beef
    rating: 2
 There seemed to be no effort at all in telling the details of the story. All the briefings had were one liners like "Protect this shuttle," end of briefing. You have no real idea why anything's going on. All of the missions themselves were mostly just endless dogfights with Rebel fighters. There was also lots of waiting around, poorly timed radio messages, and a Rebel CRS as the player's mothership. Plus, nothing about it makes it an ID battle except for the shuttle is carrying ID leaders, otherwise a subaverage TC battle.
 FA Marcin Szydlowski
    rating: 1
 Men. I can understand it was 1st ID battle, but this one is so bad, that I cannot rate it higher.
 GN Wil Striker
    rating: 1
 The designer appeared to have a good idea behind the battle, but it was to repetitive, and had to many periods of "dead" time.
 VA Wlodek
    rating: 1
 Is this battle as good as Intelligence Division?
 COL Tad Taliesin
    rating: 2
 Repetative Missions