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Reviews for XWA-TC 46

 LC Phalk Sturm
    rating: 4
 Flying the old Warhorse, the venerable and mighty XG1 Star Wing Assault Gunship, is always a pleasure. Nothing can be more frustrating and pain taking than piloting this mean flying carcass. The plotline is nice, and has some twists, but it's the missions which take the most of out it, dogfighting A-Wings with missiles in the battered and bent GUN?. You wanted it, you have it. Take down dozens of capital ships, cruisers, corellian gunships, the whole alphabet of fighters and even protect a feeble Tyderian Shuttle. If you can complete it in Hard, you are hardening up, you veteran pilot.
 RA Zekk Terrik
    rating: 1
 Okay, yeah, I really hated this battle. First off, who the hell is this Darksaber guy? Why are you named after a Mandalorian weapon? And secondly, why am I helping you reunite with your cousin? But anyway, the plot line was a bit confusing and did not make much sense. You are just sort of thrown into this haphazard plot with no sense of why or where. Many of the missions are also excruciating, involving multiple hyper jumps around and trying to protect a weak ass Lambda shuttle. While we are on this topic, I will automatically hate you if you ever make me fly an entire battle in an Assault Gunboat. I do not know who designed this battle, but I hate you. Meet me on the deck of the Warrior for a lightsaber duel. Also while we are on this topic, mission 2 can be completely in under a minute. Dump all your shields and lasers, fly up to the platform to inspect it, and you’re done.
 LCM Marek Ny`Irfa
    rating: 4
 It's a pretty good battle with enjoyable plot. On the bonus side I absolutely love to fly an Assault Gunboat. On the negative side, though, the last three missions of this battle focus around large scale encounters which I am not a fan of. Especially for the plot presented I think it would make more sense to keep the whole battle as series of low profile, tactical missions. Perhaps even like family missions in original XWA. I think the biggest challenge in this battle is to actually be in the right time at the right place and get some kills. Otherwise either your wingmen or more likely the Darksabers will just vaporize them leaving you with a crappy score (like mine :P). Stil, it's a nice and enjoyable battle to fly!
 COL Dirty Vader
    rating: 4
 Very enjoyable. Fun plot.
 GN Pickled Yoda
    rating: 5
 Great fun.
 MAJ Keiran Laserlight
    rating: 4
 A good battle with the old friends (eh...DS...). And hey! Vlad and I are in it! And lot's of forgotten motives like the PIN machine, monk code and so on. This makes this battle Monkish! A MUST-FLY for all Grey Wolfers. I am giving it a 4 - it's a bit bugged (see below).
 LT Theodore Bronson
    rating: 3
 A very good set of missions, not too hard, good storyline. You fly as a member of Crusader squadron, which means in a slow-as-heck Gunboat (Don't forget the S-foil patch!) Your enemies are led by a rouge Imperial warlord so expect attacks by T/I's T/A's T/D's and more.All in all pretty fun but I found the last mission to be bugged: Even with unlimited ammo and Invulnerable, I couldn't apparantly destroy all the platforms - nothing was left in the sector and the percentage was still at 92.