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Bug reports for XWA-TC 46

 GN Dunta Polo
 Mission 1: Darksaber's transport is referred to as a YT-2000 in the briefing text, but is a YT-2400 in the mission and has the YT-2400 briefing icon. Mission 2: Armed enemy asteroid structures do not fire. T/I Crusader do not hyperspace home like the rest of the squadron. Return hyperbuoy has a hostile IFF, and the exit point is too close to Kladra Station's defences, causing the AI craft to crash into them. Mission 4: The failed mission hints do not appear because of a missing hash in the mission file. Cody's starfighters end up having higher numbers than intended (due to the numbered asteroid emplacements). Redain base's asteroid defenses do not fire. Crusader and Phoenix squadrons have a strange tendency to disengage and run for the ISDs when they arrive. Darksaber's standard shuttle engages in combat instead of heading straight for the Intrepid when it arrives, likewise with Anna's A/S. The latter is also invincible for no apparent reason. The New Republic corellian gunships have starfighter orders. The ISD Grey Wolf's starfighters sometimes collide with it when returning to the hangar, causing it to be destroyed. When an ASF SD is destroyed the objective to protect them disappears but the mission is not failed. The objective to get Anna and Darksaber to Kladra needs some reworking - it needs to show as completed when they reach the station area, then another objective needs to be added for them to safely enter the ISD Intrepid. Mission 5: The asteroid emplacements around Redain base move under their own power, which is strange to say the least.