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Reviews for XWA-TC 40

 CPT Solohan50
    rating: 2
 I played on Easy with cheats. Even with unlimited ammo, many of these missions are a slog. I can only imagine how rough they are with one payload of warheads. The final mission, especially, is just littered with capital ships that are all 10km+ away from each other.
    rating: 2
 As stated by others, it frequently crashes during briefings, so you have to skip them which is very annoying. Otherwise, I didn't mind this one as much as others. The first few missions were fun and of reasonable length, but by the last two it started to get a bit tedious being in an assault gunboat for so long (and the last two were about twice as long as they needed to be, as well).
 CM andr3
    rating: 0
 Cumbersome gunboat missions that have you grind down cap ships. Two missions are nearly identical. Crashes on mission briefings. Don't play it.
 COL Phalk Sturm
    rating: 2
 Poor choice of player's craft diminished this otherwise promising battle. Flying a GUN or a T/B can be some fun from time to time, but being the sole gunship against endless waves of A-Wings and X-Wings, while bombing more than 10 capital ships with one payload of warheads, is just folly. If it had a bit more of cleverer planning, and a more balanced set of player craft vs enemies, this could have been a good battle, but ends up being a tedious and unrealistic as if it was planned for playing with unlimited warheads cheat, and that is a no-no. Too bad.
 AD Hav Antiel
    rating: 4
 Every Ender battle has at least one clever design moment, and that's true of this battle. However, I was frustrated by the GUN and the long distance between the player drop point and the targets in most missions. Chasing the SHU in the first and second mission was a fun challenge, but after that it became tedious. I know the GUN is integral to the story of Krayt Squadron, but I wonder if the targets had to be spaced so far away.
 FA Giovanni Palermo
    rating: 4
 This battle was certainly not bad, but it was quite difficult. It did feel a lot longer than it was, but it flowed well, and you truly did feel a sense of accomplishment after completing each mission. I only give it a four out of five because it was so hard, and because again, it felt a lot longer than it was.