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Reviews for XWA-TC 38

 CPT Solohan50
    rating: 4
 I played on Easy with cheats. This battle is pretty decent. Playing as the experimental TIEs is a cool change of pace. Nothing particularly wowed me about this battle, but it had relatively unique objectives so it gets a decent score from me.
    rating: 4
 I had fun with this one. The plot was okay, but the missions seemed overall well-made. The experimental tie was fun to use, but I was glad to get out of it by the end. I didn't run into any of the bugs other had mentioned, so if you avoid those hopefully you'll enjoy this battle.
 CM andr3
    rating: 3
 Had to try the first mission four times because the mission critical T/E1 kept committing seppuku on the platform.
 GN Pickled Yoda
    rating: 4
 This is mostly fun flying some unusual ships, but mission 3 was awful, The T/e1 is far too fragile to be flown near aggressive cap ship AI - your allies are quickly wiped out and you're constantly at risk of one stray laser causing you to refly. On the plus side, nothing was overly long and it didn't feel too frustrating to retry one mission about 10 times.
 COL Phalk Sturm
    rating: 4
 It's a good battle, well laid-out, with a nice story behind. If not for some minor flaws, such as using the TIE-M1 Experimental, too many times, the mission is fun to fly, challenging and almost perfect as planned. Only one word of advice, I had to refly a seizure mission because even though the boarding parties had jumped to safety, the game wouldn't acknowledge completion of primary goals. Had to re-fly it and this is no fun at all after 40 minutes of dogfighting and dodging bullets, while in a sluggish Toscan.
 AD Hav Antiel
    rating: 3
 This battle has straightforward missions with some tricky bits. One of my pet peeves is missions where you have to wait for a capital ship to hyper in after a set amount of time. This battle has two of those missions, which I found extra annoying because you're stuck in an unshielded experimental TIE trying to survive after you've completed the objectives. It's a challenge, but one of those missions would be enough for one battle.
 COL Dirty Vader
    rating: 4
 Fun battle! Nice humour. Good to be able to fly an experimental TIE.
 GN Master
    rating: 4
 Another great battle from Ender. Go fly it!