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Bug reports for XvT-TC 79

 GN Dunta Polo
 Mission 2: FRG Medical Corps does not defend itself when docking with the ISD Colossus. All Rebel starfighters use the same FG name and overlapping numbers. Rebel CRVs "Boarding units" that appear on Hard difficulty protect the ISD Colossus instead of boarding to destroy it. Mission 3: Numbering of several ships is odd. Storm is mispelled as Strom in FG names. Objectives to capture the convoy and Harkov's shuttle are duplicated. GUN Thunder do not reliably disable Harkov's shuttle, necessitating the player does so alone. Mission 4: Objective to eliminate or force withdrawal of all enemy starfighters shows as complete when only 80% have been destroyed or fled. EH starfighters seem to ignore the asteroid laser batteries and R&D FC. Allowing Harkov's VSD to flee before it launches all its fighters causes the mission to be a failure - perhaps destroying it should be a primary goal.