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Reviews for TIE-TC 106

 LCM Lo Mar
    rating: 2
 A very light story that isn't really well told, but there's at least a (thin) premise that kind of explains why you're there and what you are doing. The missions are for the most part reasonable and clear enough. The last mission doesn't make any sense, either from a narrative point or how it's setup. It almost seems like the goal was to be tedious. Rest of the battle is a solid average battle, but that last mission brings the score down.
 COL Impulse
    rating: 2
 More like random free missions. Poor briefings (if you can call them briefings). Easy tasks and easy difficulty. in Mission 3 you get message that secondary goals completed, but there are none. Easy FCHG point battle
 FA Viper Pred
    rating: 3
 Well, if this is true, that it's an IWATS battle, then it's not so bad. Quick FCHG points, and fun to see what happens to those capships in mission 3 :D
 AD Keirdagh "Yacks" Cantor
    rating: 2
 You mean mean people, how dare you give my battle bad reviews?! Actually, I know, it did suck :P I created that thing back when you needed to make a TIE battle to actually pass the IWATS Creation course. It had no plot, no nothing, and the Dean at the time went AWOL so the battle never got me the TIE Creation course anyways... I still don't know how it found its way onto the battleboard...
 AD Troutrooper
    rating: 3
 *gasp!* an EASY battle!! oh heavens no! we cant have this now!! although this wasnt a horrible battle, it certainly was passable. the last mission is pointless, but there are worse fates.
 LT Zekk Terrik
    rating: 1
 I thought this was an extremely poor mission in terms of plot and battles. It's fun for the pilot who just likes to fly around and blow crap up. The last mission is a real bore, and even moreso if you play it at 2:30 in the morning like I did. The last mission gets tedious as wave after wave of A-wing, Y-wing, and B-wing get tossed down and blown out of the sky one at a time. But hey, I still got my FCHG points. :P
 COL Dan Malaktos
    rating: 1
 This was the easiest battle I have played. It's fun, though, but WAY TOO SHORT. If on Mission 4 the TIE Interceptors you are flying didn't have shields, it'd be alot cooler.