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Reviews for TIE-TC 10

 LCM JetMech
    rating: 3
 Another good straight forward mission. I like when they can tie it back to something that feasibly happened during the civil war.
 LCM Lo Mar
    rating: 3
 The mission was basically an elongated battle where you protect the Harpax and take down a group of Mon Cals. It's a pretty basic story, but the missions are sized properly. A lot, a LOT, of killing fighter objectives which can be a bit tedious, though.
 FA Mark Schueler
    rating: 2
 There are simply too many missions which require killing starfighters for this battle to be very enjoyable. I'm also not sure how it's supposed to fit in with the EH storyline, aside from the use of EH ships.
 LC Alejandro Araujo
    rating: 2
 Alright. A flyable and relatively easy battle with some decent challenges to keep you awake. I see an attempt to create something analog to those pre Endor missions of the late TIE original storyline somehow. Again it could have more dialog, better briefings and hints for the novice pilots. I like how the capital ships were used here and overall... almost an ok battle.
 HA Anahorn Dempsey
    rating: 2
 Not a very good worked out idea I would think. Many missions where you're supposed to achieve goal A, but then let's add some "destroyer fighters" goals in it as well, which makes no sense. The Rebel T/D showing up is nuts. The Empire barely had any T/Ds by the time the DSII was around, let alone the Rebels. Aside from the general "kill a lot of fighters" thing, it's acceptable.
 LC Rando
    rating: 3
 The gameplay is generally good, with a few missions posing a reasonable challenge for a TIE Defender with fast, engaging dogfights without being too easy, or too long and repetitive. Capital ship deployments are good, but the Rebel ships could've used better names. Briefings are a mixed bag, some are adequate, some have little information. There didn't seem to be much attention to the storyline, which is a shame as the battle name suggests something important. The last mission in particular is absolutely riddled with spelling errors. These points are minor, but a little more polish would've gone a long way to strengthen the otherwise solid gameplay.
 CM Fahrer
    rating: 3
 Quite a good battle. The missions include both bombing(against enemy cruisers) and dogfighting. Also, they aren't too long or too short and the difficulty is well balanced. Except for mission 4. It isn't so hard if you know what you're doing, but it hard even on easy. Another small problem is the fact you don't fly anything except a T/D. Recommended.
 LC Kadon Beir
    rating: 4
 Battle 4 is tough but just get rockets pop two into each cruiser and then disable the one the INT is firing at then work on the other. Remember to send your squad after the b-wings. 5 was tough. Adv. Mis. Hurt!
 CPT Daar Skeloria
    rating: 4
 Very nice battle, but the 4th mission is almost impossible :(
 CPT Alexi Stukov
    rating: 4
 Latly, I've been playing alot of crummy TIE battes, so this is a nic change of pace with good old capital ship destroying. Nicely designed and briefings look professional. Your wingmates are helpful and you can actally rely on them. However, I don't have TIE95, so I couldn't enjoy the new planets.
 LT TK-8969
    rating: 2
 Normal battle, but mission 4 is impossible on Hard difficulty(and maybe on Medium).
    rating: 2
 I tried to load the battle and it took me 5 times before I could play it. It might just be my computer but, other than that little thing it was an ok mission.
 LCM Aero Slasher
    rating: 5
 good battle i must say i played this battle again!
 LT Kioet Csuhen
    rating: 4
 I thought it was fun protecting Darth Vader, and destroying Jack and Jill. The reason it didn't get a 5 is 'cause I always had to use the same ship.
 LC DS-61-4
    rating: 3
 A very enjoyable battle. Also excellent creativity trying to show what the Empire was doing before the Battle of Endor.
 CPT Cmr Brown
    rating: 3
 Gotta love how you can easily kill so many capital ships. Which brings me to the problem, they aren't fighting back. It's a so so battle. Perfect for those who wish to practice stripping a cap ship of weapons.
 MAJ Brad Tack
    rating: 4
 well, this mission was good, but it did have its bad points i mean, cmon. first mission:blow stuff up. second mission:blow stuff up. make something original. it was ok though.
 CM Lev Gammitt
    rating: 4
 In general this was a good battle. I think that there is to many ships out at once and it causes some ships to disappear. Other than that, Good Mission.
 CPT Devin McCloud
    rating: 3
 I thought this battle was just too easy...
 LT Kweeky
    rating: 4
 Cool battle but can get a bit boring... BANG... BANG.... BOOM! (repeat for 5 min)
 LCM Klech Remart
    rating: 3
 Overal good battle. Could have used a couple more CRL or CR's thought.
 LCM Frost
    rating: 2
 Missions get somewhat repetitive after destroying wing after wing of rebel fighters. Just WHERE do they get the money for those ships anyways? This WAS to take place BEFORE the Battle of Endor.
 CPT Deacan
    rating: 5
 Great battle, ok story line not to difucult. Could have been more hard. LT Deacan
 CPT Matt Patrick
    rating: 5
 This is a good battle to start off with. It is hard in some parts but mainly easy. If you do decent your pilot should be a LT by the end of the battle.