Moving Day

Competition ID #: 3393
Status Finished
Submitted by: VA Silwar Naiilo
Competition dates: 2022-05-14 - 2022-07-01
Units involved: ISDII Challenge
Competition medals:

IS-GR for first place, IS-SR for second place, IS-BR for third place. IS-CR to each pilot who submits fiction least 500 words, graphics of sufficient quality, or a battle storyline.


The Fleet Commander has commissioned an MC-40 as part of the ISDII Challenge's battlegroup for use with her Infiltrator Wing operations. Firebird and Eagle squadrons will be assigned to the MC-40 as we make our way through the Unknown Regions.

What will they discover? What was moving ships like? Who will clean the messes that LC Graf and GN Stryker left behind in their offices? Who is the mysterious captain of the ship? And how do we choose its name?

Relating to the MC-40, Eagle, and/or Firebird, write a fiction piece, create a work of art, or create a storyline for a battle including plot lines and ships involved by July 1. LC Denys Elara and VA Silwar Naiilo will judge the winners.

Names submitted during this competition will be used when discussing what to officially name it.

Competition runtime starts on the first day at 00:00:01 UTC, and ends on the last day at 23:59:59 UTC.