ISDII Warrior Trivia - Season One

Competition ID #: 3364
Status Finished
Submitted by: HA Mordechi Wolfe
Competition dates: 2022-01-10 - 2022-03-31
Units involved: ISDII Warrior
Competition medals: IS-GR - Season Winner
IS-SR - Monthly winner
IS-BR - Weekly winner
IS-CR - Reaching milestones of correct answers
Description: The ISDII Warrior will commence a seasonal trivia schedule for 2022, with a set of Star Wars trivia questions released each week - usually around a single theme.

A season will last for 3 months. Participants, in addition to receiving awards for highest point holders for each weekly trivia and monthly tally will also receive points for overall correct answers which will contribute towards an IS-CR. The milestones for the CR are:

- 50 points
- 100 points
- 150 points
- 200 points (and then for every 100 points thereafter)

Ties will be determined by correct number of answers submitted.

Competition runtime starts on the first day at 00:00:01 UTC, and ends on the last day at 23:59:59 UTC.

Medals Awarded

Medal Recipient Reason Date
IAR LC Robert Hogan For providing question sets for the ISD Warrior weekly trivia. 2022-02-01
IS-GR LC Robert Hogan Winner of the ISD Warrior Trivia for Season 1 - congratulations! 2022-02-08
IS-BR LC Aardvark Winner of ISD Warrior Trivia Season 1 Week 4 2022-02-08
IS-BR MAJ SkyShadow Winner of the ISD Warrior Season One Trivia, Week 3. 2022-02-01
IS-BR CM Alexandre “ossusplayz” Morgan Winning Season 1 Week 2 of the ISD Warrior Trivia competition. 2022-01-25
IS-BR MAJ SkyShadow For winning Week 1 of the ISD Warrior's Trivia competition (Season 1). 2022-01-17