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Ship Recognition quiz
Competition ID#: 3144
Competition status: finished
Submitted by: LC Tygra Shadowclaw
Competition runtime: 07/15/2020 - 07/24/2020
Unit(s) involved: Thunder

Competition medals:



Answer a timed quiz. Most correct in the shortest time takes the ribbon. No prize for 2nd place on down. The quiz will show a fighter with a question on it. Speed is essential as in a cockpit environment one has little time to ID a ship and know what it can do.

competition runtime starts on first day at 00:00:01 GMT and ends on last day at 23:59:59 GMT

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Top 10 competition submitters

  • General Anahorn Dempsey (169)
  • High Admiral Plif (111)
  • High Admiral Frodo March (68)
  • Captain Von Predator (64)
  • Fleet Admiral Silvius (64)
  • Admiral Darksaber (60)
  • High Admiral Elwood the Brave (58)
  • General Dunta Polo (56)
  • General Sickman (54)
  • General Master (52)