Operation Serpents Sortie : Fiction Competition

Competition ID #: 2293
Status: Finished
Submitted by: AD Jedi Eclipse
Competition dates: 2009-08-09 - 2009-08-24
Subgroup: TIE Corps
Units involved: TIE Corps
Description: Yes it is a fiction competition! Get your datapads out and get to it. Write about the following topics:
1. Your reaction/thoughts about the betrayal
2. Preparing for take-off and the fight at the border (Your perspective)
3. Your ship (as a whole) fighting the New Republic

IS-GR, IS-SR, IS-BR (First, Second, Third)
Based on originality, descriptiveness and overall story.
There will not be a run-on.
Competition awards:

IS-GR x1 , IS-SRx1 , IS-BRx1

Competition runtime starts on the first day at 00:00:01 UTC, and ends on the last day at 23:59:59 UTC.

Competition Awards Presented
Award Recipient Reason Date
IS-GR HA Anahorn Dempsey Comp 2293 First Place : Fiction : 5 of 5 pts : Great work! 2009-09-02
IS-SR GN Rancorous Comp 2293 Second Place : Fiction : Very nice : 4.3 of 5pts 2009-09-02
IS-BR FA John T. Clark Comp : 2293 Third Place : Fiction : 3.5 of 5 pts 2009-09-02